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Being Creative For School

Yesterday I shared about an app called Biophilia I ended up downloading another song called “Virus” which the kids and I played around with this morning. What came out of that? A school lesson today about viruses and the immune system. The app shows red blood cells that look healthy and floating about. Later in the song green viruses come in and invade. I used it to describe blood cells and viruses and what happens when a virus attacks. I also printed out the lyrics of the song and used some of the key words as vocabulary words. Simplified definitions in some cases.

As they listened to the song I asked them questions.

We discussed the vocabulary words and what they meant. I also used it as other lessons in that the music sounded really nice and pretty, but what it was actually about was unhealthy and could cause harm. Some things look good that are not, especially in nature. Some of the prettiest, most colorful frogs for example are the most deadly! Now I did not scare them I used it as a lesson to be cautious. They are pretty young so I was not all intense as I was in my own mind, trying to get myself to understand this important lesson. :-) Some of the vocabulary words that they learned were virus, transmutate, contagious, host, and adversary. Then, I pulled up BrainpopJr and we watched some videos about health and wellness and had some more words added like, symptom, fever, immune system, and mucus.

I then read several books and they made red blood cells with invading viruses!

I like the app because it is visual and auditory along with being interactive it really got all of them interested and able to retain the information. We had a full sensory learning experience. I plan on doing this with the moon app as well because the basis behind it is the moon cycle and I will create some sort of lesson out of that. I came up with this on a whim today so I hadn’t really prepared much, but they really liked it. We had fun and finished up our school day, then headed off to Target for some new backpacks.

There were several on clearance and we each got one.

Yes, I got a pink monkey backpack! I did, I admit. It was only $4.24 who could resist a monkey backpack for that? Ariel and I both have one. Plus I had a nice encounter with a raven in the parking lot. Actually it was quite strange for a moment, he flew to the top of a tree and sat there and stared at me while I got the kids and items in the car. A few minutes later a couple of his friends showed up and they chowed down on someones littered food on the ground. I can only assume he was watching me with such caution to make sure I didn’t take his feast. Hee hee No other bird encounters though and there were a lot out today for some reason.

Another thing that I found for school that is super cool for Joshua is the Lego Master Builder Academy .

This has been a great incentive for Joshua to do school. He is not a fan of doing school most days, but when I told him that he could do “school” Lego’s after he finished his work, he was all for it. I know I bribed him in a way, but he really is not motivated to do school. He would rather build and create Lego Star Wars or other Lego adventures and I do use his Lego’s to teach him a lot. However, I get Lego’d out and I need some actual documentation of his learning and progress for learning other things. He has built every set we have received by himself. We will venture out using it in more creative ways later in the year. Right now he is enjoying following the directions and building them. (I do not get any kickbacks for sharing any links. I like them, I share them, possibly others will like them too.)

Pictures, you know it! :-)

Ariel and Joshua creations. Daniel’s handwriting is getting so good I am totally amazed. He is even able to hold his writing instrument well and “properly”. We have viruses, Joshua’s Lego Robot he built and Ariel’s current reading material. Yes, it is a comic book, she has read more than half of it and yes, she is a fan of Sheldon Cooper and loves the show The Big Bang Theory. I admit I do love Sheldon. I am not into comics that comes from David. :-)  OH! And a monkey. And yes, there is quite a bit of paint spillage all over our carpet. Accidents happen. And yes, I am trying see how many times I can write “and yes”. I am quite silly today.

Side Note: After watching the season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory” I must say I am a bit disappointed in their lack of creativity. They could do a lot more with the show. Good thing we have a DVR I could fast forward so the kids didn’t ask a ton of questions…mainly Ariel. :-)





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