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Tired Ramblings

I feel so fatigued and I am not sure why other than my restless sleep from last week. My body is still trying to catch up. My mind is fatigued too from all of the mental energy I have been using with socializing, trying to keep all of us focused with school, and my house that is a mess, and causing much stress! So today, I am rambling about whatever pops into my head. Like how I really, REALLY like…no love Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels. OMG! Those things are awesome! I haven’t been able to find some tasty gluten-free items like that around here. Until, the last few weeks. We had a nice and lovely Publix open right across the street. (Kind of across the street, ok a major highway that is practically across the street.) It is the most wonderfulest store in the entire world! (I have few to chose from here.) I am not saying that just because both of my sisters work at Publix, and my one sister happens to work at that very one with all of the lovely gluten-free items.

We have not had a store around here with many gluten-free items.

The items that are around here have been ridiculously priced. We have been limited to Amazon bulk buying, and limited items on there as well. I was making many of our items like bread, and pastas, but it started being more expensive so I went for the packaged noodles and bread. I really like many of the products, the kids do not mind so much, but David is not a fan of the gluten-freeness going on around here. He has his gluten-filled stash upstairs — some are down in the pantry. It helps to have it hidden otherwise the questions, my goodness the questions! They do not stop about gluten-free/gluten. What has gluten? Does this have gluten? What is gluten? Why can’t I have gluten? What happens when I have gluten? Why, why, why? Daniel absolutely cannot have gluten, for some reason it shuts down his communication and he goes into what looks like seizures. He does that with milk also.

Ariel and Joshua do not have that problem, I do have to limit their intake.

They go through emotional roller coasters when they have too many gluten-filled products. They also get very lethargic, and drained, sometimes with bellyaches. They are fine with milk. I cannot have gluten (much) or milk. I do not lose my ability to speak, but I do get very sick, moody, tired, and many body aches. Why am I talking about this? Because I was thinking about us moving and I am so excited that there are several restaurants where we are going that have gluten-free menus! Biaggi’s has gluten-free pizza! Pizza! AND Pasta! My eyes are rolling all around in food fantasy. I have not been able to have pizza other than my homemade pizza. It turns out pretty good, (after practicing) but to be able to go and eat pizza from Biaggi’s Yippie!!

AND Cheeseburger in Paradise has gluten-free buns!

Oh, I love those burgers! I am hungry and don’t want to cook tonight, can you tell? I do not normally give such attention to food. One restaurant here just started serving gluten-free buns and pizza, but their food is so-so. Plus I got offended at them for offering 10% or 15% off (I can’t remember) for people who bring in a church bulletin on Sunday. I looked at the sign and asked “What if I am an Atheist?” No one else seems to understand my issue with the injustice, but I am boycotting them on those grounds. :-) I don’t think it’s right for me to get a discount if I go to church, or if someone doesn’t even go to church and they just get a bulletin! I just find so many things wrong with the whole thing. Lol!

All right enough of that.

I have no great insights today. I am very silly, and feel like playing. I have decided that I need a live-in house helper to help me stay organized because no one here is able to help me. I need planograms and I need everyone to follow them. I just cannot keep up by myself. I get overwhelmed and unraveled with the mess that is starting to creep into my clean cubby area of solitude. My computer is the only one faithful at staying organized, and the iPad. Speaking of iPad, yeah I am not getting one (yet). I’ve been debating on an iPod or iPhone. It looks like I will be getting an iPhone since I will be out wandering all over the town and such when we move. People apparently want to get a hold of me and want to hear my voice. Blah! I am sure that it will turn into my new best friend and I will love it dearly, and will get angry at it with its tiny little touch pad driving me nutty and spelling things all wrong! I need a nice sturdy case so when I get angry I can throw it without any worries. I used to be a phone thrower during fits of rage. I broke many of my phones. Poor phones.

I have been working on different types of poems.

I have several Haikus and Cheritas that I have written. That has been fun — I am not ready to share yet. I usually just go all free style because I am so fancy free you know. Hee heeĀ  Maybe that is making me tired too — trying to use a formula for creativity can make me drained. I have enjoyed pushing myself though. We have been learning all about poetry with school this week. They have not felt like writing too many, but we have been talking about the different types, and playing around with rhyming and songs. I think I have rambled long enough. I cannot remember the main reason for me writing this post. I had something to share I thought, but I got sidetracked with all of the gluten-free talk. I will leave with the video I took of the kids this morning. My silly birds! The boys will not let me cut their hair. It made me laugh flopping all about.


My Babies Being Birds

Oh, and this. Fun!


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