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Silent Sunday (In Real Life Only)

Yeah, right! As if I could be silent while typing. My mouth is not saying much, but my mind and fingers are going in rapid speed. Today is an ICKY day! I am rather quiet in a mild shutdown at the moment. I do not want to talk about it. Instead, I have decided to share some of my iPhone photos and other photos I took the last couple of days.



Um… maybe some of you like this product and I mean no offense, but when I saw the “Shake-n-Pour” brownies and cupcakes in a laundry detergent bottle I determined right then and there that this would be a product that I cannot buy. I know that I would somehow mistake it for laundry detergent or Drano and use it the wrong way! Yes, when I saw it I was loud in the store and said, “Eww! Ariel look at that!” She said, “Gross! It’s in a laundry detergent bottle.” I said, “O-M-G! You are right.” We laughed and I took a picture. o-O



Oh, boy! I could have used this back in the day. I had a couple of self-tanning mishaps with my hands being a strange color of orange and brownish color. Then, there were my knees and ankles … Eeek! The thought of it now. Another moment when Ariel and I were at the store. (Same night, I just had to go to two different stores because not one store carries everything that I need. Irk!) When I saw the bottle I started laughing imagining all the poor girls and women who had become Oompa Loompa¬†colored with the self-tanners and how they needed this product so badly. I told Ariel what it was for and she said in her usual straight forward no nonsense manner, “Well it is good that they made it then, so people will not have that tanning lotion problem.” Yeah, I guess so. Lol!

IMG_0176The woman in front of me at the Target pharmacy. She looked terribly uncomfortable in these shoes and her dress. It was very tight. I would have been squirmy and irritable if I were dressed as she was, however, the best part was when she plopped her suitcase purse onto the counter and poured out her belongings dropping her pantyhose from the day onto the floor. She proceeded to pick them up and held them in her hand while swinging them around talking and paying for her prescription. I could only assume they were sweaty from a long days work. I decided to take a picture of her shoes to remind me of the story. I took a picture of mine as well to show contrast of two ladies standing in line at Target. I am just silly like that. ūüėÄ



Here are my sexy Converse with socks that do not really match my beige shorts. I did not get a picture of my outfit for the day, but it was quite an ensemble. Along with my Converse with white socks, beige knee length shorts, I wore a tealish blue sleeveless top with a scoop back, but I hid it by wearing my eggplant colored jacket with hood. I was FABULOUSLY in my own style! I was not thinking of what I was wearing until I noticed the woman in front of me. It then dawned on me that my outfit was a nice mix match.

On a completely different note for no reason whatsoever, I have been making ice cream lately. 

My aunt eats a Paleo diet; (She is a fitness trainer and feels this diet helps her a great deal.) it is similar to our gluten free diet in many ways, except she eats NO GRAINS or DAIRY! I do not know why I “type yelled” that it just felt appropriate in the moment. I could not live without my pasta (even if it is gluten free) and rice. My whole family on both sides has issues with food.

There are several who have Celiac disease and other food allergies.

I know that the gluten free diet does not work for everyone who is Autistic, but for Daniel it helped him a great deal. He was non-verbal and became more verbal once I put him on a strictly gluten free diet, however, there are other factors such as he is about a year and half delayed in many ways language being one of them. It could have been that at the same time that I changed his diet some of his development caught up as well.

I do not know the reasons nor do I care because it works for him and it is not harmful. 

I do not claim that it was a miracle of food, though my family genetics have given us a predisposition and we ALL do better on this diet. Every person and family is different. So that was my two cents, if anyone wanted to know. :-) I digress. Daniel and I cannot eat ice cream or milk made with cow milk. It makes both of us very sick with stomach problems and headaches. The strange thing is that we both can eat certain cheeses, and he can eat yogurt. I  can only eat a very limited amount of yogurt it makes me sick. :-/

I decided to try the Paleo ice cream recipe and see if it was any good.

I made the first batch with fresh mangoes. After that one was a hit with the kids, I made a batch with fresh strawberries. It was GOOD! I made it with agave nectar instead of honey because I am not a fan of honey. I have some pictures in here of the kids with the ice cream and the making of the strawberry batch.¬†Why? I really do not know I just wanted to do a silly fun post.¬†The rest of the pictures are at my grandma’s house with my mom and the kids and the last day we hung out with my mom.

So much for silent Sunday, here is some picture action! 

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I have a ton of pictures from the last two days. Ok, I have over 200, um….224 to be exact. I can’t help myself. We had so many birds flying around and visiting our backyard and crossing over our house. Butterflies everywhere, I have only been able to capture a couple from a distance. There are creatures out and about as well and the kids and I have been examining and exploring them. The sky has been changing practically every hour because we are having strange weather. Although there are not many colors only deep blues and grays which are quite intriguing as well.

I am not sure what all I am putting on here picture wise.

I am rather tired out from Daniel having a few rough days and Ariel and Joshua not getting along very well. (not getting along is an understatement) I am not really sure why everyone is all out of sorts other than the weather. Oh, it could be the anticipation of David leaving in a few days. Daniel did just pull a tooth out so that could be part of his problem as well. He is losing so many teeth. When they are ready to come out he just pulls it out and throws it. He came up to me and said: “Hey, mom I lost my tooth.” I asked him where it was and he said: “I threw it in your trash.” Nice. I am kind of weird about keeping teeth, I know I may sound gross, but I still have some of my baby teeth in a little container. Shh! Weird? Oh, well.

I did not dig in the trash for that tooth or any other tooth, ever!

This morning I was welcomed into the morning by the bright shining sun through the front door window and I had to go outside to see what it looked like. I thought it was beautiful so I had to take a billion pictures. As well as throughout the day as the weather continued to change from sunny to storming to sunny to raining to sunny again. We captured some pictures of critters in the morning and afternoon. It reminded me of the frog that was here last year, but I have not seen him or any other frogs. I am a bit sad about that. We have had ducks, rabbits, a snake, several other kinds of birds, but I do not know what kind they are then, there are the regular birds that stay in our backyard as well.

They have a nest in our bushes.

We also have some regular pigeons who hang out, I got a picture of them. We also have some kind of hawks that soar all around. There is one that is a regular who hovers and flies over our house specifically. I do talk to him and sometimes he will come a bit lower, really it is crazy! I got a picture of them. I was excited about that because I have been trying to get a good one of them, but haven’t been able to.

I got one that is alright.

If you see some painted toes with Lego’s those are Joshua’s. He does like to paint his toenails. We are not too worried about his manhood around here. They all dress up in girl and boy stuff, they have fun. I think it’s funny when his toes look better than mine. :-) The Dino-Games that Ariel was playing and my lamppost that I am slightly obsessed with that is in our front yard makes quite a few appearances. I was feeling a little down so I felt like writing to see if I felt better. I do, the pictures make me happy.

Until next time, hope you enjoy the critters! :-)


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Mind Is Spinning So…..

I will share some pictures that bring me peace. I took these the other day. I liked them so I am posting them. I have a fondness toward old church buildings. Whenever I go to places I tend to find them and get fixated on taking pictures. I am not a very good photographer, I just take pictures of what I like. When I did this the other day, I forgot I was with anyone else for a moment. David yelled out my name and I realized that I had lagged behind and wandered while mom and David had the kids.

My nick name from many people has been “Wandering Butterfly”.

Brief story: One time while at a kind of water park that was also a conservation of some sort, I lost my friends. I wandered off when an Australian guide found me and had to take me back to my group. I was in my early 20’s. He called me “Wandering Butterfly” too, I asked him why he called me that and he said something like it seemed fitting. My family and friends have called me that because I would always wander. I would especially wander off to catch butterflies, that was a story that ended with my bottom being spanked for adventuring way too far. The spanking didn’t help, I continued to do it and I still do, now the kids join me. :-)

I like the outside of old buildings and houses.

I get intrigued by the different kinds of architecture and can get swept away by a single groove, line, rust spot, paint chipping, odd door anything really. I have to keep an awareness now that I didn’t used to when I was by myself. I have to remember not to stop and get sucked in. When I was alone and now when I go out alone, I will at times find a building or fixture or something that will capture all of my attention. It makes me feel at peace and wonder. I imagine what it was like when the buildings were first built and the history behind it and the people that have been in them.

I thought that while taking these pictures.

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