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New Moon

No, I am not talking about Twilight, I know nothing about that I am an old school Anne Rice vampire lover. :-) I am talking about the new moon, literally. I need to document the moon cycles but I have not been able to stay on a regular journal for it. I have decided to at least write this down and maybe it will get me focused and able to continue.

The moon cycles play a huge part in the activities of our household.

For instance, as I have written in my last few posts, Daniel is being very verbal. He has been talking up a storm and saying  a lot of things that he has not in the past. He has been able to do things, like drawing and focusing on school worksheets that normally he has a hard time with. He is very happy and interactive with everyone. He is coming up with his own games to play with Ariel and Joshua. Earlier I heard him rummaging in the junk drawer and then excitedly said “Hey Mom, I found something, hey mom, I found something!”. He came up to me and in his hand was a green birthday cake candle and he put it in front of me extremely proud of his find and then said “you put it on cake” and I told him it was a birthday cake candle and he said “It’s a birthday cake candle, it spins!”. He did make it spin and then proclaimed “Its green and it spins, it’s a birthday cake candle.”

As I was writing this he was talking away telling me all kinds of things.

He has done this before, talking a lot but now he is really putting conversations together and trying to keep them going. In the past he would have told me about the candle and then walked away to explore it on his own or not even tell me about it. On that day not only did he converse with me but then he spoke to Ariel and Joshua about it and helped Joshua find his own candle. I have been noticing that these kinds of things happen during the start of the new moon cycle.

He was being very happy and verbal.

I believe he did for the last cycle too but the one before that could have been a bit rough. See that is why I need to write it down. If I can see a pattern maybe I can help him and all of us know what to expect or at least prepare to help him with sensory issues. Not to mention all of us. I am currently a complete spas. I get different as well during the moon cycles, well actually everyone does. Also right now our weather is currently transitioning and when the weather goes from one to the other, that gets us all out of whack.

So for the record, this is a good new moon cycle in that Daniel is feeling able to communicate, do school work and eating well.  However, he is kind of manic, unable to sleep well and a bit obsessive about spinning, the cat and the computer.

But and here is the big BUT, during these great days at night something happens. Daniel is unable to sleep, he has had sinus issues and has woken up at all hours of the night angry and waking me up by hitting me. His food consists of more crunchy items and he seemed to lose his patience for waiting for it. He has been demanding his food immediately and I do not give in to that kind of pressure so we have been working on having patience. At the beginning of last week he was doing very well and was happy, progressing through out the week into this week he has become more agitated with things and unable to sleep even more. The lack of sleep definitely could be playing a role in his short fuse, but over all he is for the most part very happy. He is still talking quite a bit and even communicating more than just wants and needs.

He has continued to play with Ariel and Joshua and to interact and participate with school/activities.

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