Birthday Party!

Daniel and Ariel turned 7 years old this week. We celebrated their birthday today. I finally made cakes that were pretty decent! The Lego cake I made for Joshua turned out pretty good, but Ariel requested a dragon cake and I was not sure how that was going to go. I am happy with the results she loved it and thought it was “so cool!” Joshua said it was: “Awesome!” and Daniel loved his clock cake.  Although, my fondant work does need improvement, but being my first attempt, no proper tools…I was told not to be hard on myself so I will stop. Happy kids, happy mommy. Ariel had a dragon and Lego birthday. She is SO excited about all of her gifts. Daniel was very excited about his electronic drum set and snap together helicopter.

We have been building for quite a while.

We are overloaded and tired from all of the excitement, but it has been a very good day. Ariel and Joshua have both had a meltdown…I am working on mine. Just kidding. However, they were short and they bounced back fairly quickly. I am writing to help me have a little down time. Daniel is doing great. At this moment he is playing with his mousetrap game. I used to play mousetrap by myself all the time for hours, my mom even remembered that today and mentioned it. I thought Daniel may like it as much as I did. Actually, David mentioned it and I remembered my playtime with the game. The last few weeks have been both challenging and awesome. We have done things that I was not sure we could ever do. Daniel has been using the potty for “everything” for the past two weeks. We are still working on bedtime, but he has done it!

He is so happy and proud.

He is even refusing to let me help him get his pants on. Big change from refusing to go near the potty unless I was right next to him. He does tell me every time he needs to go, and I have to say: “Ok, Daniel, you can go potty.” He feels that he needs permission for some reason. He does that with his food too, he asks if he can eat whatever it is before he will eat it. The answer has to come from the person who gave it to him otherwise he will not eat it. He will continue to ask over and over again until he feels satisfied with the answer. :-/ Hopefully he will feel at ease eating without asking soon. :-)  It is so wonderful to see how much they have grown and all of the great things they are learning and doing. AND I am so happy that I finally made a cake the way Ariel wanted! I am also so happy that I did not have an anxiety attack, meltdown, or shutdown before the party. I will take it easy and let my body recover. I am pretty fuzzy headed and the Lego’s call. Today is one of the best birthdays we have had. :-)

Birthday pictures! (and the sky ’cause I liked it)


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3 thoughts on “Birthday Party!

  1. Alienhippy

    Hello my lovely,
    What a busy day you have had, I loved looking at ALL your photos. :)
    I LOVE Ariels dragons and Daniels drums are so cool.
    Love you my friend.
    Lees. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Thanks Jenny! I am so glad you liked the dragon cake! It was actually a lot of fun to make and much easier than I thought. Dragons are awesome! :-)

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