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Dreams Can Be Silly

I have some pretty intense dreams sometimes. I think my brain does a lot of processing unbeknownst to me and I wake up discovering answers days later. Sometimes they are just goofy. I had a dream several days ago, maybe a week I cannot recall. I remember parts of the dream I am not going to share it, it is far too detailed and wouldn’t make sense to many people. However, I thought the person that was in it had hidden something from me or was keeping something from me on purpose. I was trying to get them to tell me what they were keeping from me. They would not.

All they did was look right at me, no expression and said: “misty”.

In my dream I asked if that was a girl or someone of importance and they would not answer me. There were other things, but I will spare you all of the colors and intricate details. The dream had upset me, I believe mostly because it was confusing. I finally forgot about it and didn’t think of it again until today. I used the word “misty” in a poem. I know full well what misty means, but for some reason I wanted to look it up. When I looked it up videos popped up of a song. At that very moment I looked at the video pictures of Ella Fitzgerald and Julie London and I had a flash of the dream. It flooded my mind and I thought it was all quite amusing.

Not the dream. :-)

I decided to listen to the songs and realized that I had heard it a ton of times in my life, but I did not know the title. I am in a rather silly cycle right now and feel the need to share things that I normally keep to myself. I wasn’t as moved by the Johnny Mathis version. The other two made me smile so I am sharing them. Maybe I just like the song because they sing about a kitten, a cloud, and violins. Hee hee Hope they will make you smile too. :-) Excuse me I am going to go dance with the cat now.

Julie London-Misty

Ella Fitzgerald – Misty

Cat get up and dance. (giggle)


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