Countin’ Flowers On The Wall

Not really, but this song did pop in my head sung by Nancy Sinatra because that was the version you could find me dancing and singing to when I was younger. Ok, sometimes now as well. :-) I am so amazed at how well all of us are doing with David being gone. (Sorry David, I do not mean that as a bad thing.) It is just that the last time he left for a while I was filled with anxiety and going over every possible scenario that could happen. I went from a serial killer living across the street just waiting to get us to a fire sparking and I stayed up every night thinking of many other possible things that could happen that I needed a plan for. I was in a panic and would not leave the house. Granted it was several years ago and basically I could not go anywhere with all three children at the time.

Daniel could not even handle going to my mom’s house during that time.

I can see why I would be filled with anxiety. I am not at all right now. I am quite at peace. (Although writing this may stir some anxiety!) Even with getting pretty sick over the weekend and then Daniel getting sick for the past three days. We are doing much better still a little off, but we are our happy selves. Ariel and Joshua are fine and they have been playing very well together all day. I was able to clean my living room and get it back for a day. Yesterday it was covered in a pretend campsite and Lego’s, of course. Bedtime is upon us and we will see how well we do. I am rather wired I may be up late…maybe I’ll play some cards.

I believe they could be doing so well because I am calm.

I even Skyped a friend last night and talked to her for over an hour. I had no anxiety or feelings of being overloaded. Wow! I am pretty happy about that. I was happy with Skype. I actually liked it much better than the phone. I think I will write about that another time. I plan on doing some more cleaning and having a fun packed school day tomorrow. I know you all must be so excited! This is my boring post to have actual documentation that I am anxiety free for the moment and that I had fun having a video chat! Considering everything that is and has been going on in my life I think this is fairly monumental. This is my closest to “Wordless Wednesday” as I think I can get. I have some pictures of what the kids have been up to. Ariel felt bad for me being sick so she gave me some animals to make me feel better, and a baby doll that kind of freaks me out. Shh!

Happy Rest of Wednesday! (Enjoy our sunset)

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2 thoughts on “Countin’ Flowers On The Wall

  1. Alienhippy

    Yep…I can totally see you dancing and singing to that tune.
    Loved seeing you on Skype, well sort of…you need a lamp…hehe
    You have very white teeth Angel.
    Your top was glowing like you were in a night club…giggle.
    I love you so much.
    Lees. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Hi Lees!

    I loved seeing you too! You know I have teeth/breath obsessions so I brush with bleach about five times a day. HA! Ok, not really….not with bleach anyway. :-) Glowing teeth. I do need a lamp.

    Love you too!

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