Special Interest Quicky

Another one of my special interests which I have spoken about a bit are words. I do love words. Words are fun and fantastical. There are so many things that words do. They are playful, mean, accurate, distinctive, repulsive, magical, loving, caring, hurtful, wondrous. You can make words up. They can be gibberish. They can be truth. They are their own art form. I love them. Some of them are prickly, some of them are sharp, some of them are soft, some of them are squooshy and some of them burst in colors.

Yet I do not fully understand the way they are used.

I enjoy discovering new words and their meanings. I enjoy, the way words look to me. They can be quite playful or be triggers. Since I recently shared how one word was a trigger, the word “soon”, let me tell you what happens when they are no longer a trigger. They become a game, a pleasant joke to my memory. Now every time I see the word “soon”, I laugh. He smiles and waves and says “See you got me all wrong”. That is what words do with me. They are alive like numbers. They have colors and move and they wink and make me giggle.

I have many words that tickle my insides.

They can also hurt like daggers or fill me with unmeasurable joy. Mostly they make me happy. No words hurt for long once I figure out why they hurt, then they become my friend and useful for good. I like to write poems playing with words. Especially, when I am researching or learning something new. It helps me relate and fuse what I am learning to my mind, such as one of my recent poems titled “Stumbled”. I titled it purposefully wrong.

It is all about harmony and destiny so to speak.

As you read it, it is clear that it is all a mishap of what is seen as yin yang happening. Discovering your perfect zen by accident. I liked using the word karma because most people do not know the accurate meaning. Karma means “action” or “deed”, what I have read recently is that it is not about good or bad it is about choices. The choices we make now will affect us later in life and if you believe in rebirth, then it will affect that as well. That is a very simple way to explain it. To use it in a playful way as I did in my poem is exactly what I meant. To poke fun at how little and how much control we have over our lives. I am not sure how I feel about any of the words I used in the poem I was just playing with their definitions.

I do this often in my poems because words are playing with me.

I enjoy our playing and bantering together. I will most likely not reveal anymore of what is behind my poems or writings any longer because they no longer mean the same thing as they did last week or yesterday even. Some of them, however have been created into echoes that will live for eternity in the pleasantries of my mind. Others the hard ones will be reminders of how dark times turned to good and helped to create the lovely ones. I have found my peace with words and understanding how people use them differently than I do.

If I do not understand I will ask and that is the end of it.

You may see more of my playful word use. You have been warned. :-) I have some pictures of my books as a child, most of them are actually mine. We did find almost the complete set that I had of the Dandelion Library, I think I still had four or five of mine from when I was a kid. The others are from when I was a child, you can see I took pretty good care of them. They are set up exactly as I had them in my room as a child and growing up.

The Mathemagic and The Magic of Words were my constant companions.


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