I Love Mars!

I do! I do! I love Mars, the planet. Why? Well it is called the red planet and I do like red. It has two funky shaped moons that I find quite intriguing. Plus they have awesome names, Phobos and Deimos. Bonus! I am indeed fascinated with the Roman god of war Mars and I am rather fond of him being known as the Greek god Ares. Great mythic tales to read about them. I will not give numerous links or fill this post with my obsessive love addiction to the mythology of Mars. However, I will share that this has been triggered by a poem I wrote that I am not quite finished with and it made me all giddy and excited. I figured I could test myself and see if I could write about something of great interest to me, but limiting my word counts. So far I am at 152 and only two links!

Let’s see how short I can make this.

Mars, the other reasons why I like this planet is because it is the fourth planet. I like that simply because it is number 4, has 2 moons and that equals 6, and I do like the number 6. Also, the number 6 showed it’s happy little face to me in water in a bowl the other day that I found quite interesting and amusing at the same time. Today a truck drove in front of me and randomly had “111” on a bumper sticker on its window. I have no idea what that means, but it made me think of 3 which made me automatically double the 3 to make 6. And that is how the number 6 is connected in my mind as I sat and write about Mars. I am at 298 word count and I still have more to say without really saying much. :-)


I have often thought that I was supposed to live there. I would very much like to explore and spend hours investigating on the planet. So many rocks, crevasses, the mountains and not to mention the Valles Marineris. I think that would be intriguing. I am not sure exactly why I love it so much. I remember as a child it popped out at me and it was instant attraction. The letters MARS together make me feel happy. I like the way they look together. They are also only 4 letters and I like 4 and also the way that 2+2 looks. The letters of the word have always looked red, but that is because in this word the “A” and “R” are red but the “M” seems blackish and the “S” seems goldish. When they are all together they look like a deep red with sparks of orangeish red.

I know that it would be too cold for me though.

So I will happily explore my favorite planet from the comforts of my own home, covered in as much attire as I deem necessary. Well now I am going to end here because I have links that I want to share and I am almost at my word limit I placed on myself. Oh, I just passed it! Ok I am really leaving now and welcome to the more playful side to me, by the way. My other special interests may be coming out a bit more as well. The ones I would not allow myself to talk about or felt that I must keep hidden because of the reasons that I like them. There is a whole mess of things I worked through about hiding my special interests, but I am not ready to talk about that. Instead, I am singing “I’m Coming Out!” (It’s kind of long so really I just sang “I’m coming out” a few times.)

635 word count, (not anymore) Got to go!

“Mars” NASA

“Mars” National Geographic

“Mars” ESA

Leaving with…My favorite moon is Europa, but I will save that one for another day.


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One thought on “I Love Mars!

  1. Alienhippy

    I love you Angel,
    I am SO glad to see you are letting yourself be you!
    You are SO MUCH FUN!
    I love having you as my friend, you make me giggle so.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your special interests.
    Also more of your wonderfully wired connections.
    Love you so much.
    Lees. xxx :)

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