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Random Videos, Topics and Such

I watched the movie “Mary and Max” a while ago after reading a post about it on The Other Side. It has been such a while that I forgot all about it but while watching another video today, I saw this clip Max Explains Aspergers Syndrome and remembered how I enjoyed the film very much despite the sad parts and some parts that can be a bit too graphic for me at times. I was not in a “supersensitive” mode when I watched it. It really gave a great realization to being an Aspie in this world. I like finding similarities with others when I am feeling kind of alone in my world.

I really liked this poem “You Don’t See It” by Nicole Nicholson from Woman With Asperger’s blog.

Besides the bias toward aspie husbands, NT wives, the generated voice and the pitch for the book at the end I think that this video Help for Aspergers Couples  could be helpful in some ways for people.

I saw this video Autism and Wandering: An Important Message the other day about wandering and thought it would be a good video to share as well. I am not sure about my own position on the topic, I think there are too many things for me to try to wade through to try to make an opinion at this time but the video has some very good points. I have always been a wanderer, I still am. If my environment is too intense I wander. Whether it be emotionally, socially or sensory I will wander off and many times I do not even realize that I am doing so. As a child I scared my mother many times because of my wandering off, she later became extremely protective because one minute I was there the next I was gone. I won’t go into my sensory issues that caused me to wander but the are significant.

Growing up, I did not have the words to express when adults or children were treating me badly, I would wander away from them, I would get in trouble but not be able to explain myself and I was perceived as being disobedient. At times in the playground, I would wander off into the giant soccer fields and do my gymnastics, there were several times I refused to go back into to school. I didn’t want to go back in with the kids who had just made fun or me or mocked me for whatever reason. I could not explain that to my teachers because I had already been labeled as a trouble maker and I didn’t know how.

As an adult, I managed to help myself at work places by leaving for lunch or walking around outside during breaks to help the sense to get up and go throughout the day if overloaded. If I was focused nothing else would matter but if I was overloaded and unable to get out of the environment I would have meltdowns. I did not know then that it was from the stress of my sensory issues or the stress of social situations. I do not wander if I have the kids because I am focused but if someone else is with me and I feel the kids are safe, I may be seen wandering depending on the situation.

I read these articles and thought that they were beneficial as well.

This one I Feel for You is an excellent read and it articulates many things I have not been able to about my own Aspie/emotion relationship. This happens to be the biggest thing I am working through right now, trying to understand my emotions and not “feel” others.

Leaving The Ivory Tower Of Asperger Syndrome

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