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For about a year off and on (possibly longer, no sense of time here) I have watched videos from¬† on YouTube. She has had some great things to say about the Aspie life and it has helped me a lot. I haven’t watched her for several months, I actually forgot how I found her in the first place and then lost the links that I had saved. I relate to her perspective on many levels so I find a lot of comfort in what she has to say. I found her again this morning while watching another video. In this video I really like how she is pointing out the positives about Aspergers. I needed a boost in that today. :-)¬† I was being kind of hard on my self not terribly bad but just feeling a mixture of emotions, it helped to watch this video.

Hopefully you will enjoy hearing some positives as well!

Positives about being an Aspie




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6 thoughts on “Video Worth Watching

  1. Alienhippy

    Hello beautiful friend,
    So glad you shared that video, she is so like us isn’t she!!!
    I have subscribed to her channel, I’m going to watch more.
    It made me giggle when she said that her creativity was music which also meant song writing, poetry and stories and she could be TOTALLY focused on that. I forget to eat sometimes, do you?…hehehe, as I said she is so like us Angel.
    What she said about friendship too, I can totally relate to and agree with whole heartedly.
    Love you my friend, thinking of you and praying for you always.
    Lisa. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Hello Lisa!!
    Oh, my I forget to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, sleep, um.. I can get seriously focused that is why I have to take breaks! Hee hee I have to force myself to walk away or else I could go days without realizing it. That is why having kids has been such a good thing for me. They help me stay connected here too, plus them asking me for food every five minutes reminds me that I should eat something! Ha ha ha

    I thought it was a very good explanation of how our brains work in those areas for sure! Thank you for praying!

    I love you too!

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