There are certain things that I really like and I would like to have a lot of. Some of those things are watches, I did used to collect them but when I left my retail jobs I no longer wanted to wear them. The kids now play with the ones that I kept. I did end up giving a lot of them away over the years though. Daniel seems to like watches too. Then there are the crosses, yes, if I could I would have one wall dedicated to various styles of crosses. I would also have a wall dedicated to clocks. However, they would have to be in a designated room where I would not have to look at them all the time because I would feel too crowded with all of them around me.

I like to look at all of these items.

I especially like looking at clocks. I do not know why but I find them fascinating. I even like looking at pictures of clocks. I can get sucked into looking at pictures of them and staring at details on them. The ones that keep me most interested are antique clocks or industrial style clocks. We used to have a cuckoo-cuckoo clock from Germany that I loved to watch as a child. My mom has a thing for grandfather clocks. If I could afford some clocks here are several billion that I would purchase. :-)

Sometimes there are hidden meanings in clocks, that is all. :-)



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4 thoughts on “Clocks!

  1. Alienhippy

    Hello lovely Angel,
    You have a lovely collection of clock images there.
    I’ve always liked Cuckoo Clocks too.
    I love little wooden boxes, I have to stop myself from buying them now.
    Collecting frogs of all description was another thing I had to learn to control. I think collecting images is good though. I love images and they help me so much to slow down my looping some times.
    Thanks for sharing, love you so much.
    Lisa. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Hi Lisa!

    I can have issues with sounds of clocks so if they are too loud or off in timing it can be maddening for me. Pictures work much better! :-)
    Plus images are a lot cheaper!! Hee hee

    I had to learn to control spending my funds on my fixations, I spent a lot of money over the years on my collections. Then I would get this urge to purge everything and I would give them all away. Not every collection but many of them. It was a lot of wasted money. I can collect pictures though. :-)

    Love you too!!

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