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Slacker Me

I am tired of writing about my stuff so I am going to share some things we have been doing with school. Yes, I do school all year round pretty much, it helps keep us on a schedule but we do have light months. The lightest months of our school year is October through December because with the holidays all of us are just too overloaded and overwhelmed so we take it easy then. Last month was kind of lax but we did go on a lot of outings and had some pretty cool adventures to several different beaches, a state park, the museum, and then a birthday of course. It was a pretty packed month. I was feeling like a slacker but now that I think about it, we did accomplish quite a bit. :-)

Ariel has been picking out subjects she would like and I have been going with it.

Her most recent is reptiles (specifically King Cobra’s) and weather. We have several books on both subjects and I decided to tie in the living/non-living theme in with the whole animal interest. I recently found this site that is free that I like using when I haven’t pulled together detailed assignments for the week. I went with some crafts as well with the whole animal theme and we talked about environments, foods they eat, how they are different and the same. They had some funny stuff to say during our conversations. We were discussing what is our food, Ariel informed everyone that our meat is “actually, real chickens and cows” Daniel then yelled out “We are bad guys to chickens, cows and fish!” Meaning we kill them to eat them. Nice. Funny thing is that Daniel has refused to eat meat since the age of three.

We have been working on story telling also.

My focus has been on story building and poetry with the kids. Ariel and Joshua come up with detailed elaborate stories with their toys. Ariel said the other night that she likes being in her room alone so she can play out her stories. She said “I need my alone time to do that.” :-) Joshua does it anywhere and doesn’t notice how loud he gets or how much space he has taken over. He will take over the entire living room on throughout the whole house if I let him. I have to be pretty quick to confining his “stories” otherwise in a matter of seconds the house is covered. I am trying to have them connect their stories into written word. Daniel has started adding his ideas as well but it is new and right now he is venturing out by using the scripts he has learned from Ariel and Joshua.

I think it is great that Daniel will soon start making up his own stories.

The big thing is that he is trying to add things to their play, he isn’t just quietly following, he is really being active in the roles. He takes on the characters and that is huge. They have been continuing to paint, Ariel has geared toward abstract more. She used to be very particular about creating a certain image but she is stepping out with blocks of color or swirls and I think that is awesome. She draws all the time and has a ton of pictures around here of stories that she writes with pictures. We have been doing a lot of music and dancing too. There is other stuff but it is basically regular school, I will not bore you with the details. I am trying new craft materials that I wasn’t able to try before because of lack of interest or possible fixations. We haven’t done any food activities lately so foresee some of that coming up. Fun, fun, fun!! Here are a couple more links that we enjoy.


Khan Academy Daniel is addicted to Khan Academy videos. He has only gone through the arithmetic section so far, he hasn’t watched all of them yet.

I got some pictures of our activities.





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