Richard Feynman Makes Me Giddy

I am feeling kind of down today. I am tired and just blah, I guess. So when I feel this way I tend to look for things that make me happy and will tickle my heart. For some reason when I watch Richard Feynman, I get a giddy feeling. I like his joy and excitement about science. I like to watch him almost jump out of his chair when he is explaining things. It’s contagious for me. I like how he makes me think and wonder. He is an interesting fellow to read about anyway but he makes me smile to watch.  I am sharing a link of 12 videos I have been watching today. It is from the BBC TV series ‘Fun to Imagine'(1983).  I hope you enjoy them too. :-)

Fun to Imagine-Richard Feynman





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2 thoughts on “Richard Feynman Makes Me Giddy

  1. Alienhippy

    Hello lovely,
    I like this guy he gets so excited. I see what you mean Angel, he makes me smile too. I love it when people are passionate about the things they are interested in.
    I have only watched the first video I’m a little busy, but thank you for introducting me to this side of you. :) xx
    I think he maybe Aspie?? Only a guess.. 😛
    I’ll try and watch some more later.
    I’ve been praying for you, I hope you are feeling a bit better.
    I’ll keep praying.
    Love you LOADS and LOADS, bunches and bunches.
    Lisa. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Hi Lisa!

    The last two videos about ways of thinking you may really enjoy. He does seem to have some AS qualities. :-)

    There are so many things trapped in this mind of mine! Narf!!

    Love you too!!

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