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Lego Bash!

Today we celebrated Joshua’s birthday. He officially turned 5 years old last week but we were unable to do anything until today. Guess what he wanted for his birthday? Yeppers! Lego’s…Big Surprise! We did get him some other things, a Marvel Heroscape with some dandy super hero figures to go with it. He also received some pretty cool gifts from his grandma’s, like a Joker Castle and some Toy Story 3 figures. His aunties got him an Iron Man car which I find extremely cool and since he asked us just the other day to change his name to Tony Stark and Daniel’s name to Rhoady , he was pretty happy with his new car.

He loves all of his gifts but his heart belongs to Lego’s.

So this year he asked me to make a Lego cake. I was very happy with that, hoping that I would be able to pull it off since they are pretty much squares. I am pleasantly surprised that I finally made a cake that turned out halfway decent this year, although it is not truly to scale or completely structurally sound. It worked for its purpose. I again had trouble with the icing, I am very particular with icing texture and taste so I try to make a certain type but I have not been able to figure out the best way to keep it stiff so I had to scrap it and made my own concoction of butter cream frosting. I am not a fan of butter cream but I did manage to make it not too sweet or too buttery. Happy girl.

More importantly, happy Joshua!

He loved the cake and the whole time I was making it he was telling me what a great job I was doing. :-) He’s a great kid. I will take his admiration because soon it will diminish once he sees the pictures of his lopsided wanna be Lego cake. Shhh! I have a few more years to soak it up. I am feeling quite at peace right now, it’s funny. Usually on birthdays or holidays I am a nervous wreck. It is quite normal for me to have a panic attack over the cake and get overloaded with my sensory issues because of touching all the sticky goo and what have you. I did not this year, I actually enjoyed making the cake, except when all three children crowded around me chanting “I love Lego cake” and I felt trapped. That was not fun for me but David helped guide them into the living room to give me some space.

Even though I am working through many things, I am at peace.

It is very surprising that I am so calm and that I am not having anxiety. In a way I am waiting for to hit me with a great big BAM! However, I don’t think it will, just writing out my thoughts even if they are just poems, stories or visions that pop in my head, it has helped me a great deal I believe. Don’t get me wrong my mind is still nonstop and driving me mad, the only difference is I am not panicking about the thoughts or questions. I was even calm enough to build one of Joshua’s Lego sets and truly enjoy myself. I haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I do enjoy Lego’s when I am able to focus and I am not overloaded.

Of course I will have some pictures, me and my photo fixation.

It is nice and peaceful right now, Daniel is doing amazing. He needed some alone time so he is off in the bedroom with the door shut listening to his recorder. His newest music obsession is a strange one but he loves them, they are called Viva Voce . I tried to find his favorite song but I cannot it is called “Plastic Radio” he has been playing it over and over again for over a week. He plays the cd on the computer in the front room, records them, then goes off and shuts himself up in one of the rooms so we will not disturb him. Here are two other ones that he has on his recorder Lesson No. 1 and Believer. (He did not see the Vampire Diaries that was the only version of this song that sounded ok, on YT that I could find.)

I am surprised how well Daniel has been doing, I am very thankful.

Ariel has been hilarious. She is kind of upset that she did not get any cool Ninja Lego sets since she was the one who really likes them and “has the Lego ninja ice dragon and loves skeleton bones” so rightfully should get all Lego’s that contain such items, not Joshua. Hee hee. She told me yesterday that she speaks whale, then proceeded to do so. Later she shared with me that I do not know things because I am mom. Apparently I know things because “you use your taste, smell, eyes, ears and touch, you know your senses” being a mother has nothing to do with any knowledge that I may have. She is so funny and seems to be quite correct, I must say. So we had a wonderful time everyone is relaxing and now we will hope that the food coloring I used in the icing will not cause major meltdowns!! At least we had the party early so it will give some time for the sugar and food coloring to work its way out by bedtime. I hope. :-)

Picture time! (Only a few…really)

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