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The kids and I have just been painting away together. We have done a ton of squiggly, swirly, twirly kinds of fantastic fun. Today Daniel actually decided that he would join me. I made some sort of design and then he would try it. When I suggested the number 8, he said “Oh, yes the number 8, that is a good idea.” He then proceeded to start making numbers on his own and wanted me to join him.

So I did.

His color of choice today was yellow. Interestingly, because he “owns” green but I was green today. Later he decided that straight lines were the way to go. Ariel has been painting with me for two days and has made her own pictures along with swirly like paintings. Today she went on a dragon kick. Yea! Dragons! Joshua wanted to paint a Star Wars Lego scene and of course create something out of wood. He loves building and creating things like that. I cannot really paint any Star Wars scenes so I made what I saw, explosions. :-)  He made this whole scene with Jango Fett and Obi Wan.

I am just going to keep going with this painting thing and see where we all go.

There are a lot of pictures, this is kind of a big deal since the only one who has ever really painted was Ariel. She is super excited to have us all join in her special interest. You can scroll over them to see their title and click on them to get the full fabulousness! :-)

Here is our gallery of fun!



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2 thoughts on “What’s Up Here

  1. Alienhippy

    Hello my friend,
    It sure does look like you had LOADS of fun today.
    Isn’t getting lost in paint just wonderful.
    Have you tried…now this is messy Angel, but try squirting some blobs of the primary colours on a flat board. Use kids paint it’s safest if they accidently put there fingers in their mouths. Anyways…try doing squiggles and swirls with your fingers and mix the colours together on the canvas. Then let it dry and get either white or black paint in a squiggy bottle and do your swirls and vines over the top. It is so relaxing, try it to music Angel….you’ll love it.
    I love what you are doing, your kids are expressing them selves so well and so are you my friend.
    Love you loads.
    Lisa. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Hello Lisa!

    It is wonderful to get lost, especially with the kids. I have been putting music on for us and we have just been hanging out, painting and talking. That’s the school I’m talkin’ ’bout! Lol!

    I have not tried the finger swooshing, I am kind of freaky about paint on me. The kids are the same way. They think it sounds like a good idea and then we do it and then all of us meltdown from the paint on our hands!! We will work out way to it. Hee hee

    Love you too!!

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