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Out Of Sorts

Update: I looked up “Out of Sorts” and I don’t like the definition. I am making my own definition.

Out of Sorts: Just a bit mixed up and swooshed around, but not in bad humor. :-)

I am all out of sorts. I am working through some things, which is good but it also throws my mind off kilter. It is not only that, my cat is howling at all hours of the night and my refrigerator seems to be possessed. It will keep quiet until about 3am then it decides to make strange, very loud noises. The weather is messed up, pressure changes and all of us are feeling it. I am dizzy and feeling fuzzy headed. Daniel has had migraines the last two days, he will not stop fixating on spinning things. The problem is that he is getting overstimulated and that is making his head worse. Ariel is fixated on the Megamind movie and Joshua has every Lego in the entire house out, creating his own Lego Land. David has deadlines and he cannot focus because of weather and he never does well with deadlines, so he is off too.

It has been a little tiresome.

BUT, here is the good news. I am doing fine. I really am. I have been calm and more at peace than I have been in a long time. Daniel is doing amazingly well with handling all of this too. In the past, he has been unable to communicate to me what is hurting him or how to help properly, we have been really working on that. Yesterday, when his head started to hurt, he went to the old pattern of rolling on the floor and screaming, but it didn’t last long. He was able to calm himself enough to tell me that his head hurt and where the pain was. He was unable to open his eyes for about 30 minutes and instead of hitting or getting angry he asked me to hold him.

He has done the same thing today.

He has been asking for medicine when he needs it. He is also communicating what is hurting and how he would like me to help him. I believe the 2319! plan has helped a great deal in this. He has seen immediate action to him communicating, when I am unable to understand what he needs it takes a lot longer. He is comprehending this. I think the plan has been helping him discern the best way to tell us things and it is working for all of us. Possibly, this is why it is different this time. I am not sure, I am just going with it.

His language has been exceptionally clear as well.

He is adding more adjectives and his own expressions and details that he has not done before. These things have spurt over the weekend, which could possibly be another reason for his head hurting. A lot going on in that mind of his. Over the weekend, while at my mom’s, the kids and I were standing in the kitchen, all of a sudden Daniel took hold of Ariel’s hand, looked her in the eyes and said “Will you play with me outside?” He has never done that before and Ariel looked rather taken aback, then she said “Yes, I will Daniel, let’s go outside.” They went and sat on the swing and I looked at Ariel, she had a smile on her face and said “He has never done that before. That was cool.”

He was so clear and direct, it was quite a moment to witness.

Later in the afternoon, I heard Ariel pull out her guitar. The boys were jumping and bouncing about, in the midst of their giggles and bouncing, I heard Ariel strumming her guitar singing a song. She was making it up as she went and I couldn’t quite make it out. I went for the video camera but it was too late; as I looked in she was sitting in the middle of my bed, with her guitar and smiled. It was a great moment to see that in the midst of all kinds of things going on around her, she pulled out her guitar and created some music. I am not too worried about Joshua and his massive Lego Land, he is just doing what he needs to do, to get back into sorts. :-)

So right now Daniel is feeling much better after a few hours of not feeling well.

He and Ariel are playing together, Joshua has managed to add the Upwords game into Lego Land and I am writing my thoughts to help me get back into sorts. Especially, since I need to start cleaning this house, that is all out of sorts and driving me mad. I know cleaning will help me get back to sorts some, it always makes me feel better. I am thinking it is good to get all out of sorts to help put so many things back into perspective. Being all out of sorts, helps me get shuffled back into place and I see some pretty great things in the midst of what seems like chaos. Hopefully, the fuzzy head feeling will go away. :-)


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