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Blogging Lite

I don’t feel like writing much today. Well the truth is I have written a lot this week and today, but I need to go over them, you know. :-) I felt like sharing some of what the kids have been up to.

“Photo Friday!”

Joshua’s Lego fixation has seriously turned into an obsession. Unfortunately, I cannot remember all of the names he gave his ships. He has a name and task for each one. He then shares what they are with everyone, even when they are not listening. He doesn’t care, he just keeps going.

It’s pretty funny.

I have some of Ariel’s art work and Daniel’s entertaining toy dumps. He likes to dump toys in his room and then jump on his bed while singing songs. It’s good to hear him singing again, he had stopped for quite some time.  I have about a billion pictures. I put a lot on here because I had such a hard time deciding which ones to put on and which ones not to put on. So here you have some fascinating pictures of a few of our days over here.

Picture time!



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