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I am all over the place today! I have been writing about my childhood and what I call “The fitting in method” that has not worked by the way but it has been just a huge load of brain dumping on my part. I need to go back through those posts but they have been full of seriousness that has brought me full circle into my complete silly mode. I wrote this poem today to help shake that last bit of seriousness out. Have you heard the song Shake Your Sillies Out? That’s what I am doing only with the serious thoughts because they are starting to make me loop.

I thought I would help myself along by writing a post with the things that have randomly crossed my mind.

First I was thinking of poetry, as I was thinking of a certain picture image that made me think of Nick Cave, I have a strange obsession with him, it must be his quirkiness, which made me think of this The Cat Piano. Be warned you may feel pain  when watching this, I love the poem even though it is a hard story. Thinking of that reminded me of this Tim Minchin’s Storm. Another warning there is language and though I may not agree with all of what he has to say, I like the poem and I think it is very important to be a critical thinker and I thought it was good to hear someone else say that if I am wrong I am willing to change my mind kind of message.

And that made me think of Mr. Deity and the Skeptic.

I was then thinking of how some people get quite offended at things like these and I find myself not getting angry or offended. I am intrigued, I appreciate these things for their humor and for the way they challenge me to consider my faith and beliefs. It doesn’t waver my faith in God, in many ways it has made my foundations stronger because I have dismantled the things that others told me and found it on my own. I do not know why I feel the need to say all of that, possibly the lingering fear of rejection. Oh, great I got all serious again. I don’t want to!

From that moment I went into remembering “The Smolder“.

That’s right! We watched Tangled for the first time yesterday and I think it is one of my favorite Disney flicks ever. The Rapunzel character reminds me so much of Ariel that I laughed and laughed. I loved how they made the witch so passive-aggressive because I was able to teach the kids about mean jokes and how people use them to say mean things but then say “I was just kidding”.

After finding the smolder clip I found this awesome commercial “Smolder” By Flynn.

Ha ha ha I know I may be the only one understanding this post, it gives you a look into my brain on certain days. I just have to add that Ariel wore her stuffed chameleon on her head all night last night and David laughed and said “It’s like looking at you 30 years ago.” I said “30 years? More like the other day!” Ok, that is all I will share, sorry if I  have given you a headache or spun you in confusion.

Imagine what it’s like being me, I am trapped in my own silly random thoughts all day!




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2 thoughts on “Randomness Of Me

  1. Alienhippy

    Hello my friend,
    Silly random thoughts are better than frantic thought loops any day.
    You just keep being you Angel, you’re AWESOMENESS!
    Love you loads.
    Lisa. xxx :)

  2. Angel Post author

    Thank you Lisa!

    It actually helped me a lot to write this one today. I am not able to accomplish much but at least I am not fixated on things that keeps me “loopy”!! Ha ha ha

    Love you to my friend!

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