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Made In China & Scooby Dooby-Doooo

About two months ago Ariel had this moment, she felt she had figured out the answer to some grand mystery that no one knew about. David and I were in the kitchen and she and Joshua were in the living room playing, all of a sudden Ariel exclaims “This is made in China!” she then looks directly into Joshua’s face and says “This toy says that it is made in China!” Here is the rest of the conversation:

Joshua: China?

Ariel: MOM, DAD! My toy says made in China, I can’t believe it.

Me: Ariel that is good reading, you are right it is made in China. You have A LOT of toys that are made in China.

Ariel: What? I can’t believe it. (She runs to the map on the wall and points to China.)

David: Very good Ariel, that is China. Yes, they make a lot of toys. We have many things that are made in China.

Ariel: (Running through the house, picking up all of the toys) This is made in China, this is made in China. What is not made in China?

Needless to say we ended up having a lesson on economics and our government, to try to help her understand the whole thing. But now, she checks items to see where they are made. We will be in a store and she will read “made in” to herself than shout “MOM! This is made in China! I can’t believe it!” I was reminded of this yesterday, when she yelled, “Hey, mom! This is made in China too!”

Another funny thing she said was last night.

While watching a commercial, she said “Mom! I know what they are doing now, the commercial people do this because they want to make money.” She then explained to me the reason for them to do commercials about cars, perfume and phones is to make money. It was pretty funny how she explained it to me because she thought I didn’t understand this bit of information.

I got skooled! :-)

A bit of this morning….Currently, Joshua and Daniel are running back and forth making eery ghostly sounds from Scooby-Doo. They just stopped and this was said:

Daniel: Game over. Would you like to play again? Two players. I am Shaggy because he is scared. I am playing scared.

Joshua: Would you like to play again? No! You are walking in the campfire. Stop! You are on fire!

Daniel: Oh, no. I am on fire! I am out of the fire, I am not on fire!


Joshua: Watch out for the pumpkin witch!

Daniel: Oh, no! The pumpkin witch.

Joshua: We have to get out of here before she disappears me!

Daniel: Oh, no! Let’s get out of here!

Joshua: Ok, we have to stop, Scooby always eats Shaggy’s sandwiches. Now Daniel, you make a sandwich so Scooby can eat it, me, so we can get out of here.

Daniel: Ok, we have to stop, Scooby always eats Shaggy’s sandwiches. Now Daniel, you make a sandwich so Scooby can eat it, me, so we can get out of here.

Joshua: So if I want to run better I can eat a Scooby snack.

Alright, they are still going, Daniel is repeating basically everything Joshua is saying because Joshua is adding to the story. They seem to be combining about three or four different Scooby-Doo episodes that they have watched and replaying them.  Oh, now they are talking about Pac-Man. New game I guess, oh, they just found a Scooby snack.  I can’t keep up. My kids make me laugh. It’s really great how Daniel is playing like that, he is adding some things to the story as well! I love my kids! They make me laugh so much and give me such joy.



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