Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

I’ll Take That

I cannot even write much but I do need to write something because my mind is just spinning. The last couple days have taken all of my energy. Daniel is having a very hard time and that means several hours of not fun for anyone in the house. I will just leave it at that. I think he is having sinus problems and he doesn’t know how to tell me. He gets upset with me when I do not know what is wrong or how to help him and then he will refuse to let me help him at all. We had a pretty intense day yesterday, he was incredibly upset with me, I tried to give him medicine because I did manage to get out of him “my head hurts”, David had to come down and hold him because he would not let me give it to him.

After we got the medicine in him, David was holding him (deep pressure love) and he laid with David quietly.

They were laying on the floor watching me, Ariel and Joshua play, he said “I love you Daddy”. He said it in his sweet, soft voice and I wasn’t sure if I had heard him right. I asked him what he said again “I love you Daddy”. YES! That was the first time ever he had said that to David. The moment brought tears to our eyes. It may be rough at times and it may take a lot of energy but man I love it when he surprises us like that! He has still been kind of um…not so fun today, but he did start taking his vitamins whole for me and I no longer have to cut them into small pieces, I’ll take that. :-)

I am happy to say that even though it has been rough, I am still at peace.

I may not be able to think very well, my mind is all fuzzy, but I haven’t gone into complete overload or shut down mode. Hopefully, Daniel will feel better. We are all feeling off because we just got a warm front come in and there is pollen everywhere which causes us sinus problems. At least it’s sunny, I will be thankful for that, along with the other things. :-)


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