What To Get Daddy

The other day was David’s birthday, I was so excited about making a gluten-free, yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting adorned with raspberries, from scratch. I’m not bragging I am just very excited that I finally got one of my homemade cakes to look half way decent! Well compared to my others.

At least they taste good. (Pictures below for comparison.)

After the kids were in bed, David and I discussed how it came about that he received the gifts that he did. The kids explained it to him but there were some important observations about how they processed through their ideas. I asked each child what they wanted to get David for his birthday. Here is what they came up with.

Ariel: I want to get Daddy lotion. He has dry hands like me and it will help heal his hands.

Joshua: Lego’s!
Me: Daddy does not want Lego’s. You want Lego’s. What do you want to get for Daddy?
Joshua: A box, like mine for his doctor stuff. So he won’t lose them.

Side note: We got each one of them tackle boxes Joshua and Ariel are using them for their Lego’s and Daniel is using his for his “electronic toys”, so they will not lose them.

Daniel: Lord of the Rings.
Me: I am not sure I can get something LOTR but I will try.

I ended up getting David a game that the family could play together.

I could not find anything LOTR that was not too expensive, besides the day before David received the LOTR Wii game. David and I talked about how each child processed their gift giving idea differently. Ariel and Daniel both made choices about gifts the way I do. I immediately think of a need or something that I know the person likes. The problem is that a lot of people do not want to receive gifts based on their needs. On the other hand people also do not want to have large quantities of things that they like. If I discover that someone likes something I tend to error in my thinking that they would like LARGE quantities of the particular thing.

Or that they would like to be all consumed by it.

All of us in this household want to consume as much information or things that are our interests and we assume others feel the same way. Fortunately, it works for us but unfortunately not so much with others. Sometimes it works out great though, I tend to always be the one with the “odd” gift while others are giving what seems frivolous silly gifts and some people find that refreshing.

As for Joshua he made a gift choice like David would.

He first thought of what he likes, then when he realized that David did not want Lego’s, he applied a principle that he had learned. David purchased an otoscope and a lighted ear wax remover, he has a stethoscope and other “doctor” things in case we need to check things at home to determine if we need to go to the doctor. Joshua thought of those things and realized that David had no place to keep them, just like his Lego’s. Since we told him that he could lose his Lego’s if we didn’t keep them in a storage box, he thought the same thing about regarding David’s stuff.

Kids are so fascinating.
Cake comparisons. I will spare you the years before. Why do I keep making cakes? I really don’t know. It’s become a challenge now. :-)


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3 thoughts on “What To Get Daddy

  1. Aspergirl Maybe

    Hey, cake is all about the taste!! The most recent one does look really nice though. :)

    I agonize over gifts because I want the person getting it to love it and either find it very beautiful or exactly what they needed. I think it is partly my desire to be liked and admired for being smart enough to figure out the best gift and partly because I want them to be happy they got the gift (I know how much I love getting gifts and how disappointed I am when it’s not something I like or want).

    As I get older and more realistic about things, I am less worried about this but still make an effort because I don’t want someone to feel undervalued because I got them a dumb gift!

  2. Angel Post author

    Yes, cake is all about taste! I think it’s funny that every time I try to make a cake it ends up looking like my kids made it. It doesn’t matter though what I think, the kids have thought the cakes were the coolest and that is all that matters. Until they see real cakes that look cooler! I made them a volcano cake for their 5th b-day and made “smoke” in the middle with dry ice, they thought that was super cool. It was fun.

    I have such a hard time giving gifts too. I will start thinking about months in advance if I remember the birthday, I am horrible at remembering birthdays though. I do like being the “one” person who got “the” gift partly, because I like that feeling as well of being admired for knowing what to get but I just love to watch people open presents anyway, I like seeing them happy. I never want to get the “dumb” gift! Oh, it makes me feel horrible!

  3. Diane

    You’re cakes look better than I would have made. I can make food that tastes good (most of the time), but presentation is definitely not my strong suit. That last one does look really nice.

    I’m lost when it comes to gift giving. Unless people tell me what they actually want, I usually don’t have a clue and get very stressed trying to guess. Also, people have often gotten me gifts that seem to reflect their tastes more than mine, so the whole experience really isn’t a favorite with me. One upside of the current economic situation for me is that we don’t do much in the way of gift giving among my family anymore. We spend some time having a nice meal and dessert for special occasions, and if there’s a gift, it’s usually something the person already said they wanted. It works for me.

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