Not One Voice! (Poem)

Not One Voice!

Similarities, yes they are seen.
Some uncanny, quite extreme.
We seem all the strange beings.

But look again and you will find,
we all have our unique unstrange mind.
Our existence you cannot bind.

We are one in space and time.
But we don’t always understand,
our own kind.

We speak in one accord,
through means uncouth,
but we do not pretend,
we could live under the same roof.

Moments we can,
moments we can’t.
We do not stay quiet,
we have to vent.

Some of us attack,
Some of us unite!
Some us just want,
to get through the night.

Stop trying to conform us,
into your creed.
We flap, we flip,
we drool, we scream!

We work for fortune 500,
and somewhere in between.
Can’t you just stop,
with trying to restrain?

We are not one voice,
we are a legion that cries!
Those of us who speak,
cannot just pass by!

Look at us all,
even you, my community,
stop bending to the
one voice tragedy.

Look at each other,
our spectrum is vast!
We can speak up,
and break the mass!

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