Mind Is Spinning So…..

I will share some pictures that bring me peace. I took these the other day. I liked them so I am posting them. I have a fondness toward old church buildings. Whenever I go to places I tend to find them and get fixated on taking pictures. I am not a very good photographer, I just take pictures of what I like. When I did this the other day, I forgot I was with anyone else for a moment. David yelled out my name and I realized that I had lagged behind and wandered while mom and David had the kids.

My nick name from many people has been “Wandering Butterfly”.

Brief story: One time while at a kind of water park that was also a conservation of some sort, I lost my friends. I wandered off when an Australian guide found me and had to take me back to my group. I was in my early 20’s. He called me “Wandering Butterfly” too, I asked him why he called me that and he said something like it seemed fitting. My family and friends have called me that because I would always wander. I would especially wander off to catch butterflies, that was a story that ended with my bottom being spanked for adventuring way too far. The spanking didn’t help, I continued to do it and I still do, now the kids join me. :-)

I like the outside of old buildings and houses.

I get intrigued by the different kinds of architecture and can get swept away by a single groove, line, rust spot, paint chipping, odd door anything really. I have to keep an awareness now that I didn’t used to when I was by myself. I have to remember not to stop and get sucked in. When I was alone and now when I go out alone, I will at times find a building or fixture or something that will capture all of my attention. It makes me feel at peace and wonder. I imagine what it was like when the buildings were first built and the history behind it and the people that have been in them.

I thought that while taking these pictures.

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