Daily Archives: February 6, 2011

All I Have (Poem)

All I have are my words, floating through my mind.
I try to speak them through my lips; they jumble and make no sense.
I cannot look you in the face and say what I feel.
I look around; I close my eyes, my hands they move as well.

Feeling Faint.

My face gets flushed, my heart beats fast.
Sweat begins to bead–your eyes they distract me.
Your eyebrows move about, your nose moves up and down.
There is a wrinkle above your brow, your lips are moving too fast.

Flapping Sounds.

I look above your head; I whisper what I want to say.
“What did you say?” you question,
Hands covered my face, trying to catch the words.
They are all inside my head, now running into each other.

Jumbled Mess.

Just let me write them out, let me type away.
It’s too hard to speak to you, today.
My written words are all I have to give you, I hope they will do.
If I try to say this out loud, it won’t make any sense to you.

Rambling Chaos.

When I write them all down, the sentences just flow,
The words get in their proper line and my fingers just go.
Don’t make me try to say, all these thoughts in my head.
Let me write them down for you, maybe then you understand what I said.

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