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Ok, Ok I am making this quick but I read these two articles/posts whatever you want to call them and found them very interesting. I am still pondering my thoughts so I am not going to write about them, at least not now. But I wanted to post them because I found them very intriguing.

So here they are:

Autism as a Neuroanatomical Variation

How Brains Change as a result of learning

Those are from my “trying to understand the brain” obsession.

I found this interesting as well.

Warning: There are some pretty graphic stories in this next article. I didn’t realize it when I first put it up. In case anyone gets affected physically and mentally by reading things, I just wanted to let you know ahead of time to prepare if you read it.


Alexithymia is defined as “A condition where a person is unable to describe emotion in words. Frequently, alexithymic individuals are unaware of what their feelings are.”

I want to understand that more so I will be reading about that as well.

This one comes from my “wanting to understand how I process emotions” obsession. :-)

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