While I Made Dinner

I found it a little odd at how quiet it was while I was in the process of making dinner but I was thankful that everyone was getting along. Daniel wasn’t bombarding me with various questions about what I was doing or why he can’t touch raw chicken. Ariel and Joshua were not arguing about what the other meant by what the other had said. I was then called by Ariel to come see what she had done, Ariel said “Mom you have to see my bed I made!” and then Daniel said “Mom I made a bed!”. Joshua was playing happily with his new Boba Fett Lego ship that he had earned after saving his allowance for over 6 months. He has been talking about this ship since he was three years old and he finally earned enough to get it. Well it would have taken an additional few weeks but they knocked the price down for the second time and we had to get it. He had already earned the amount so we didn’t wait.

I share with you the pictures of what the kids did to our living room in about a 15 mins. time span.

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