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Some Jobs That Were Good For Me

I have mentioned in several of my post about how many positions that I had at Target, where I was working alone or had limited social contact were very good for me. The downfall was that my work performance and need for a raise would lead me into promotions which inevitably caused me problems. Even so I enjoyed several of my positions very much there. Such as Flow Team Leader, which dealt with all of the merchandise from the trucks, to the sales floor, to the back room, I guess I should just say receiving. Pull Team Leader was another, that was similar to the flow positions but it maintained the stock on the sales floor and backroom. Both positions required keeping the backrooms organized by department number and number system. I know it has changed a bit now and I do not know how they do things but at the time I really enjoyed those positions.

Another job that was perfect for me involved antique toys.

My work performance and need for funds got me promoted at that job as well. Before I was promoted though, I was in charge of restoring vintage Barbies, Action Figures and their accessories. Since I had already been a Barbie collector I had a vast knowledge of the history Barbie and already owned many collector books about her. I easily went into the action figure mode because action figures ROCK! I basically did this Toy Story 2-Fixing Woody. I had storage boxes full of body parts to fix G.I. Joes and put Barbie bodies together according to their correct lot numbers. I recreated full sets of vintage collections. I then described them and prepared them for resell. It was so fun, I mainly worked alone and I was good at it. They changed my position and I no longer liked my job. That was also the place where the people had given me such a hard time about my beliefs, I wrote about in my post A Bit of Work History.

Now my all time favorite job ever!

I worked as an online web sales person for a small computer sales company. We built customized computers and sold editing software, digital cameras, video and audio editing software, basically all kinds of awesome, super-cool computer software and solutions. It was a small business of about 25 employees. My job consisted of handling all of the online sales, processing, and international sales. Mostly my job was data entry and I loved it!! Most days I was left alone with my headphones on and just processed orders and answered emails. I also really liked all of the employees, I cannot think of any of them that I had a problem with.

That is rare.

All of the people were nice, funny, smart, open-minded and very accepting and respectful of my quirks and of my beliefs even if they did not believe the same way I did. I loved that on any given day people were having serious conversations about any topic but also that we all had a lot of fun. I could dance and sing or pray or be grumpy, have a meltdown and everyone was forgiving and just let me be me. I enjoyed the fact that they all were themselves as well and I learned so much from each person. They all opened my eyes in some way and for that I am so grateful to have had a job experience like that. After the 9/11 attacks the business was not doing very well and they had to downsize, eventually selling the company a couple years later.

I was very sad when that job ended.

There are other volunteer jobs that I did that I was very good at too. My first church I had ever been involved with had a wonderful library that no one cared about. I asked if I could organize it and run it and the pastor said yes. I found so many great things hidden away in there about the history of the church and of the town. I made a section in one of the rooms displaying what I had found. I was so excited. It has so many great resources that no one used and I tried to get people in there to study and take advantage of this huge library. I thought that surely if they knew that all of this information and free resources about the Bible, other religions, study guides, lexicons, great reads from authors like C.S.Lewis and media resources, that they would come running. They didn’t but I used it and I kept it organized and spent many hours alone in there being very happy.

I also enjoyed working as a volunteer in one of my other churches in the book store.

I really liked sharing great resources with others. If they asked me about a topic or which translation of the bible I would suggest, I was happy. I got to share the information I knew and felt like I was very helpful with guiding them in the direction they were looking for. People would come in asking about music or if I had any suggestions for worship cd’s and that would get me going. The reason it was so great for me was because it was people asking me about my special interest and they WANTED to know what I had to say. It worked out perfect except for those times that I talked and talked and then the person would try to be polite but let me know that they HAD to go. I still enjoyed it immensely.

And currently I have the best fitting job being a stay at home mom. I enjoy that most days. :-)

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