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Long Nights Better Days?

The kids had still been quite sick throughout this week, since last weekend, but Joshua and Ariel have recovered quickly. Daniel on the other hand has not. He has been refusing to eat or drink because he is afraid that it will make him be sick. Since two days ago he has refused to eat anything except for some applesauce I was able to get in him. The last time during the day yesterday, when I attempted to give him a little applesauce, he got sick again and then he refused anything for the rest of the night. Last night David gave me a break from around 10pm to 2am, so I could try to get some sleep but I got very little because I was very scared for Daniel. At some point he stopped talking all together, but would only grunt or say ‘no”. David taking the first shift, gave him water and pedialyte every 30 mins., I then stayed up the rest of the night doing the same thing. Last night was the worst of all the evenings by far.

We were very concerned that we would have to take him to the hospital.

Thankfully he is doing much better and we convinced him that it was not the applesauce or water that made him sick but a virus. There is a slight taste to the pedialyte that he is sensitive to so it took quite a bit to get him to drink that but he did, finally. I haven’t gotten very much sleep in days. I have been up off and on, with at least one child every night since last Friday. I really do not know how I am functioning. Daniel is exhausted as well because we kept waking him up but if we didn’t he would have gotten extremely dehydrated. We were very concerned that a hospital experience would cause some severe trauma and we were praying that we would not have to go for his sake.

He is resting right now, still taking in fluids and eating a little.

Both Ariel and Joshua have been very concerned for Daniel and trying to think of ways to help him. All he wants is to be alone and have quiet though. He is having conversations with us and the very good thing about all of this is that he was able to communicate if he had pain or not and where it was, before last night that is. The other days when he was getting sick, he would ask me why his belly hurt and why he was getting sick. These kids have never been this sick so it has been a bit scary for David and I along with the kids. They kept asking “why is it lasting so long?”.

It has been pretty upsetting for Daniel because of his sensory problems.

It causes him to get very upset when he is unable to keep things down and it hurts him in ways that it doesn’t for other children. It causes him to have gag reflex again, which is something he continually struggles with and an experience like this means that we may have to retrain his mouth and mind to be alright with eating foods again. Since they found nothing wrong with his throat or mouth and he has not had any allergic reactions with his throat swelling or anything, they ruled his issues to be related to sensory problems.  We are hoping that this does not cause him to give up crunchy foods again. We are comforted in knowing that Daniel is able to communicate so much more and be able to tell us to stop doing things that are bothering him or tell us what we can do to help him. It also eases our minds about taking him to the hospital, if we needed to, it makes a huge difference knowing that he can say what is going on now. Before he couldn’t and that has the potential of being a very horrible experience.

We know that he is much better because he asking us, when we come in the room “Can you go?”.

He just wants to rest and I completely understand. He has been very scared because he has never gone through a sickness like this. He wanted us not to leave his side the other couple of nights, now that he is wanting some alone time it is obvious he is getting back to himself. He would have been well sooner had he not refused to take in fluids or any sort of food. However, I understand his thought process, thinking, if you don’t take anything in, you will no longer get sick. He doesn’t understand the dangers of that though, so we have to do our part in helping him which seems like we are being mean parents forcing him to drink water. We explained it to him as best as possible for him to understand and he finally understood that we would have to go to the hospital if he didn’t start taking in the fluids. He then asked “Do I have an ow?”. We told him yes and that it will get worse if he doesn’t drink or eat anything.

He is so restrictive in food choices anyway, even though they are much more broader now, but it makes it difficult to think of things to feed him while he is so sick.

I am very happy that he is eating the applesauce and he did try some banana too. We will keep working with him and try to get some other foods in him as he is able. I hear him talking to the computer now in the other room and I can see him taking a drink, good signs. Now hopefully the worst is over and we can all get a good nights rest tonight and I can start getting my brain back to its usual obsessive self. :-) I am thinking that me having so much lack of sleep has saved me from being overwhelmed with my own sensory issues, usually a week like this would have caused some serious problems for me. I have been a little cranky but not taking it out on anyone so that is good. :-) I also think writing has helped, it is very therapeutic.

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