What Matters

Today has been a great day, with a few not so great moments, but overall the kids have been just playing and having fun. As we are winding down preparing for our Christmas celebration tomorrow, I decided to capture some of the life around here. We are celebrating tomorrow because for the first time ever, we are going to my Mom’s house for Christmas. Normally everyone has had to come to our house due to sensory overload and never knowing how Daniel would respond. This year he is much more at ease going to her house, he actually loves it now. We have been working on that for this past year, going to different places, other people’s houses, just getting out there and doing stuff.

We have good days and some not so good days but we still try.

Before it was just not possible, mainly because he would just react and not be able to communicate what was going on. Now that he is able to tell us if it is too loud, he’s upset, if he is tired, you get the picture, it makes it possible for him to have a good time and try going to new places. It has helped a great deal by giving him visual pictures of where we are going and what to expect as much as possible.We are all looking forward to having a great Christmas celebration, enjoying being with family and each other.We hope you have a great holiday celebration as well!

Here are some photos of our relaxing day.

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