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Autism and Treatment Options

I was excited to see this post today at Help! S-O-S for Parents . I was happy to see a list of treatment options and autism sites for people to be able to look at and read for themselves. In my last post Let Me Explain I shared some of the therapies that I use with Daniel. I have looked into many of the treatments listed and blogs listed on the Help! S-O-S for Parents post but it is so much easier to have them all together for people to search through.

I have written about the various ones that I use in other posts mixed in with home school, I believe. The resources like books, curriculum’s, Dvd’s, video’s, websites etc.. that I have found are all listed under my “Resource” tab. I tend to lump therapies into certain categories in my mind and then forget to give the detailed information in written form because I think everyone knows that such in such goes into my category of say occupational therapy. Then I realize that is not the case when I see a list like the one provided. Since I just wrote about it I thought it would be beneficial to share the list posted as well.

I really like the purpose of this blog, here is the announcement about it. Carnival of S-O-S

The Autism and Treatment Options is the first in the series.

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