Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

He’s A Comedian!

Recently Daniel has not wanted to sleep in his bed, he wants to fall asleep on the couch with me. Joshua wants to fall asleep in our bed and Ariel sleeps in her bed. Both Daniel and Joshua want us to put them in their beds after they fall asleep and then when they wake up at the crack of dawn they come stumbling into our bed along with the cat. We have a queen size bed, needless to say it does not fit all of us comfortably. We do not usually allow this to happen, we have them lay in their own beds and let them try to fall asleep on their own, but with the holiday season they haven’t been able to do this very well.

The other night, Daniel was having a very hard time falling asleep.

As a matter of fact it was like he had a cup or two of coffee somehow before 8pm rolled around. We put him in bed and he was using his bed as a trampoline, he was flickering his light on and off rapidly and he was playing a very loud Easter bunny that lights up and sings “Jesus Loves Me”. It is kind of creepy, its mouth opens and closes and it’s cheeks light up red but hey Daniel likes it so, ok. If we allowed all of this to continue he would never go to bed and we caved. We know that he was using these methods as torture to force us to let him come lay on the couch with us. Finally we let him come out and he laid down.

But he refused to lay down and go to sleep because there was a light on the DVR that usually is not on.

He asked us over and over “Why is the yellow light on?”. We explained it to him, he had to go investigate and then would come run and plop onto the couch. He could tell we were getting frustrated and then changed his line of questioning to this:

Daniel: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Yes.

Daniel: Where is the question mark go?

Me: The question mark goes at the end of a question.

Daniel: Why?

Me: It tells us that the sentence is a question, someone is asking something.

Daniel (laughing at this point): I KNOW!

He was laughing so hard that he could barely get it out.I admit the first three times he did it, it was pretty funny. After about the tenth I was kind of over it. But I have to say, it still made me laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh at his silliness and him laughing at himself asking the question over and over again. He fell asleep in about 15 min. and left us with this great story.

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