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Recovery Time

I would like to say that our Thanksgiving recovery time was great, it went smooth, we all had a nice calm transition. I would like to say that. Nope, it was a bit rough. On the positive note, this Thanksgiving day rocked! We had a very pleasant day. Both David and I prepared Daniel about the day, I had a turkey picture on the calendar and throughout the month the kids asked me “When is Turkey Day?”. We told them that David would be off the entire day and not go upstairs to work and gave Daniel a verbal schedule for the events of the day. Daniel did very well, this was the first year that we went to my Mother’s house for a while. We cannot eat there because of our gluten-free diet and also because my sisters cook like Paula Deen and have about a gallon of butter in everything they cook, nothing against Paula Deen, my sisters or  butter but I am not a fan of the butter.

Plus there are other sensory factors that play a role in my Mother’s house.

I had to deal with my own anxiety for the day and try to keep calm as well. I was happy to go over there, I got to see my new baby nephew and see my sisters but I also knew that they were going to have a guy friend over who I do not know. As the kids were doing very well, I was tying to keep a calm mind while thinking to myself, I have no idea how Daniel is going to be this year, (Every year has been a day full of meltdowns and confusion for him, except this year, YEA!) for us to leave the house was new to the script, my baby nephew was new to the script, my sisters ended up having two friends over and that was unexpected, my Mother’s house is an acoustic nightmare when there are a lot of people in there, the smell of the food was making me gag, and it was hot. That is a small dose of why I was feeling such anxiety.

Although, I was happy, I was so happy that we got to go and that the kids got to do something different.

I was very happy that it all went well. Even in the evening, after the two hours of intense questioning from Daniel about when we were going to put up the tree, (even though we made it clear when we were going to) I was still doing well. This is a big deal because I despise putting up the Christmas tree, that is a long story that I am planning on writing about some time. It is an even bigger deal when you read what happened with the tree. Here is the short version, we got the tree up, I move it a little bit and break the stand, we rig it to stay up but I am positive it will not stay, we keep going, I put the lights on, the kids put on the decorations, I go to get pajamas for the kids and hear a horrible sound. I come out David is pulling the tree back up, I see an ornament broken on the floor, David is telling me to get some tape, I can’t think, so I ask “What happened?”  David replied “The cat climbed on it and the stand broke completely.” There were also three other small voices trying to tell me what happened, it was pretty intense. Ariel was hilarious describing the events in full detail to me, I was only gone for about two minutes. :-)

I then go and locate some tape.

We tape up our tree stand and lean it on the wall and the next morning we get a new stand. I still haven’t touched the tree, it will just have to look the way it does until I am recovered enough to care about the tree. It works, the lights are on and that is all that matters. LOL! With all of that no meltdowns, well on Thanksgiving anyway. After that day we had three days of off and on meltdowns from me and the kids. I tried so hard to get into a calm state of mind but I was just overloaded. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I wasn’t sleeping the several days before and then several days after, I had a panic attack in the middle of the night one night, all of the kids kept coming in our bed and not wanting to be alone and the weather was changing into even cooler temperatures. All of those things played a factor for all of us.

Overall everything has been a lot better compared to the past.

Daniel did an amazing job this time finding his own way of calming down and then telling me what he was upset about. With him communicating what he needs to help him, it has made it a much better recovery time for all of us. His meltdown times were much shorter, less aggressive and he realized that I could help him quicker if he just told me what he needed. These are some major accomplishments on his part. I get so excited for him when he figures this stuff out on his own and then implements it. It was really great to see him enjoy himself this Thanksgiving and play with all of us and talk to all of us as well. I am very thankful for this Thanksgiving, even though I am still recovering. My body still feels a bit flu-like and now I am having intense pain in my neck and shoulders. This could be because we have the next four weeks full of activities and my mind is not resting. I need to really focus on this recovery time and find the best ways to help us with this for our family.

I am actually excited this year about Christmas, it looks like it could be an enjoyable one, now I need prepare for recovery time. :-)

Christmas Tree Down! (Well it’s back up again but I like that title.)

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