Don’t Ask Me Questions Or Else This

I had to go to Wal-Mart the other night, I was dreading it all day. The whole day I was thinking about it and trying to plan my path according to the products I needed to purchase. There is a HUGE problem, recently our Wal-Mart has remodeled. I remember the few weeks ago when I walked in and my heart sank. The pharmacy was closed the walls were covered with wood, the isles were changed. There was no warning, they never told me, it was one of those moments that sent me into a panic, I was very thankful that David and the kids were with me that evening because I would have been much worse by myself. They actually conspired to torture me as well, by making this remodel go on for several weeks and they would move whole sections of the store to odd places that made no sense what so ever.

I am not fond of any Wal-Mart store layout anyway but when I have it memorized I expect it not to change.

I do prefer Targets flow, it makes more sense to me, it has direction, ease and simplicity. Wal-Mart does not. If I could I would completely boycott the place but we are in a very small town that only has two department stores, you guessed it Target and Wal-Mart. Back to my story, they have finally finished and I have already memorized the isles and can tell where to find each product and where the departments are now moved. It does feel less chaotic and I am pleased with that. Ok, SO the point of not asking me questions, I went directly to the lotion isle to get my product and there was a lady standing there examining the lotions. I grabbed for mine and she asked “Is that any good?” My response “Yes, it works for me, right now.” The lady then responds with ” I am looking for a good lotion because my skin is very dry, I think it is from tanning.”

Oh, boy! Here I go into my lotion pitch.

I proceed to tell her about the lotion I am currently using but that I used to use this one and it is good too but I have to rotate my lotions all the time because my body begins to become resistant to the effects. So for about 10 min. this woman had to sit through my low down on about 20 products that I have used. I told her how some are too greasy, some leave a residue, some won’t come off, some saturate well for a little while, some have too strong of perfume, some have frustrating caps, pumps, or squeeze issues. On and on with my full knowledge of lotion products and their containers. I finally caught myself when I noticed her face was kind of in shock and then I realized my time restraint and I said “Well I guess that didn’t help much, huh?’ She of course was polite and said “yes, you did.” But I knew this woman thought there was something strange about my knowledge of all of the lotion products.

As I walked off I quickly forgot about that whole experience because I was on a mission.

Onward and upward! However, after reflecting on the experience I thought about my whole life and how I have had many of those moments. I have this huge amount of knowledge about things that other people do not even think about. In my mind there are huge rooms full of file cabinets that have file folders, labeled, some are dated, on people, places and things. I have archives full and I run and pull them open whenever I feel they are needed and flood people with the information so that they can make a well-informed decision. I gather information from many different resources so that I am not just using an opinion or someones interpretation, I use my own experiences, I use other peoples experiences. Gather, gather, gather, I love input. So when you ask me a question I will download all of the information that I have and if I feel I do not have enough I will most certainly research and come back to you with more information.

Understanding how my brain is wired has helped me to recognize a bit more when people really do not want to hear all of that, it may take me a little while but at least I am able to see it on their faces…sometimes.

I think blogging has helped me to try to limit my information and try to get to the point, though I am still a bit of a long writer, I have gotten better. Back to Wal-Mart, I found it quite amusing that the person who first noticed something was different about Wal-Mart was Ariel. The night that we went to the Wal-Mart, when they were first remodeling, we pulled into the parking lot and Ariel said “What happened to Wal-Mart? Where are their blue letters and why is the building all brown?” I just thought they cleaned up the outside because it was getting a bit worn. The building was gray with blue letters and now it is beige with white letters. She has a knack for downloading a lot of information too and is very observant.

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