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Echoes, Lines, Leading to Circles

When I was about 13 years old I had a strange experience, it happened to be my birthday and during the time my mother was married to my step-father, they would throw these parties for me (their friends). Although the house would be filled with drunken adults, I really didn’t mind because I enjoyed observing everyone and getting more presents, so it worked out for everyone. This particular year, I had taken to wandering, which I always did but I wandered into the garage, with a substance that altered my brain a little. No one noticed at all what I was up to and I was curious, so off I went hidden in one of my places of solitude.

I sat on the floor the smell of gasoline from the lawnmower and my head feeling a bit fuzzy.

Now it was either the beer or the gas fumes (I had the garage door shut, I wasn’t really thinking) but actually I am thinking both of them played a role in the next event. I pasted out, only for a few seconds but in those few seconds I saw my entire life. There was a massive world, kind of square-shaped but I knew it was inside of a circle some how, inside the square like shape were rectangles, and each rectangle had a moment in time of my life. I saw all the way up to adulthood but couldn’t make any distinction. In my mind I thought “these are echoes”, that is what they looked like to me, the sound of an echo. I saw all the way to my death but my death was me turning into a drip of gasoline and if it hit the gas tank, then that was it.

I was a goner!

Well I awoke from my state and was really freaked out. I went back inside and vowed never to do that again. Although I did drink, I made sure I wasn’t around any gas fumes! :-) After that experience I have had many moments where I felt I had the same exact experience, I had seen it before and I would look around and feel like I was in the rectangle of my echoes. Other times I would have the flash of my echoes and would know that it was bad I shouldn’t do it. I know it all sounds strange but I believe I have been saved from certain danger because of seeing these echoes. I don’t know what the echoes are or what it meant. But I saw them, I felt them and even now I know they are there and I have the ability to change them.

See what I saw was not just a whole bunch of events set in place, I saw choices.

I saw many different echoes that would affect the other but would lead to different paths and they could be altered. Wow, as I am writing this I feel like I sound crazy but I am not. I do not live my life based on these echoes, I just get reminded of them and when I see one flash before my eyes I try to make the best judgment based on feeling and prayer and of course talking to David. They have not been wrong and sometimes I have seen them to just give me confirmation that we are in the right place and our lives are on track. David thinks it is kind of funny but as I explained some of the things that go along with my echo theory, he has said that I am describing Quantum Physics and String Theory. I do not know much about either of them but I have done some reading.

However, I can guarantee at the age of 13 years old I knew nothing about it and that is what all of this is based on, my vision then.

The other thing I always have seen, is life playing out in a wave-like line that wraps around into a huge sphere. It has multiple colors, colors I cannot describe and it moves in waves as it spins around like a tube wrapping around all of the lives that have ever existed or will exist and it just flows into a dark abyss that is never-ending. That is the best way I can describe it and it is still not giving it justice but it does bring me peace. I love to sit and see the vision of the colorful wavy line that wraps all of the universes and connects everything to something. I see the vibrations and feel the movement of the gargantuan thing and it is breath-taking.

What does it mean?

I have no idea and I have only shared with David but I felt like writing it because possibly someone else has seen this or felt this or knows something. Or maybe I am just a loony toon and that is ok too. One last thing I remember is that since I was a child my mother has always said “there is a bubble around us, it protects us”. She was being literal. I see the bubble if I look close enough and I have since I was little. Maybe I made it up but my mom sees it too. Interesting. It is a hazy light that encircles me, it is an iridescent orb, I think and I can feel it, it too vibrates. When I have gone to places I have seenĀ  what looks like a different haze that is over the area. Some homes I have gone in have the light haze and feel comforting. Others have a grayish like haze and they are not so comforting. I can feel and see the atmosphere.

I believe Daniel does too, he has run out of places that he didn’t like and he will not leave other places that have a warm and peaceful feel.

But any kid could do that so I am going to have to wait until he gets older to see if he feels or sees things. It will be interesting. I believe a lot of this may be my sensitivity to my environment and also my neurotransmitters doing strange things but what is very interesting is to think of all the information that is locked up in our brains that we do not know about.

Open up locked doors of my mind what else is in there? Well maybe I don’t want to know…

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