Good Times

This past week Ariel has taken a special interest in being with Daniel. She has been by his side for days. She has shown an interest in fans and all sorts of spinning things for hours. She transformed the kitchen table into a “Fan Table”. She has moved her chair next to Daniel’s and they have been playing together with all sorts of spinning fun. She has also taken on spending time with Joshua and they have been building the entire 6 movie Star Wars adventures spread across the living room floor. Since she has been spending so much time with Daniel, he too has joined in the Star Wars adventures.

I am not sure why she started this and I have asked her about it.

When I asked her why she was acting like Daniel and playing with fans and other spinning things she said the same thing every time I asked, “every where I go I see Daniel, when I am painting, playing, whatever, I see Daniel and I want to be like him”. Since this was unusual behavior I had a hard time letting go. She had never taken on his mannerisms for such a long period of time, she had never talked like him before or taken such an interest in fans. I found it quite interesting and a bit confusing.I noticed the behavior after we had gotten home one day.

Ariel and I went out to an all girl event for the day.

When we returned Ariel was highly emotional and latched onto Daniel. She had such a great time and she seemed very happy. I think she was still happy but I am not sure about her change in behavior when we got home. I thought maybe she felt guilty for leaving the boys at home, or if she really missed Daniel because he is her twin. I thought maybe she felt as if she could help Daniel not feel left out but Joshua didn’t go either so I really am not sure. We have said on several occasions that we cannot go out because it will be too much for Daniel, so maybe she thought she could help him. I really don’t know and I am not sure she does.

Whatever the reasons, some really great things have come out of her hanging out with Daniel so much.

Last night all three of them pulled out tons of toys, they set up palm trees, got out the play food and cars. Joshua told me that they were on an adventure, Daniel chimed in and said we are going to the beach, Ariel said I am making lunch at the beach. Daniel was playing make-believe and actually getting into it. They all three had their adventure it was great. Ariel and Joshua have been pretending to be dogs for quite some time now, early this week Daniel started being a cat. He told me “I am a cat, mom. Meow”. And he went around the house acting like our cat Nathaniel. He has been doing it off and on all week.

Daniel and Ariel have been having some serious conversations about fans this week.

I have noticed them talking at the table together. It is pretty great to watch them interact together like that. I am amazed at Ariel feeling the need to be with her brother and her actions have helped him get into a another dimension of play. All three of them like to have their alone time, Ariel and Joshua have been the ones who normally play together, so to witness this new kind of connection between all of them has been really great. All of them have been sharing, talking, coming up with ideas and having fun.

Daniel has been talking a lot more too.

Daniel surprises me sometimes with the things he says, I get it in my head that he doesn’t know what words to use because I am so accustomed to him not speaking in sentences that flow but then all of the sudden he says something like” Mom, go push the button on the computer to turn it on”. I sit there thinking “did I really just hear that?” or he will¬† joke with me,¬† like come up to me and say ” I am not Mommy’s Daniel, I am Daddy’s Daniel.” Totally amused with himself he will laugh and then tickle me. Since Ariel has been spending so much “special interest” time with him he has been doing these kinds of things a lot more. It is really great to have my kids mess with me! I love it! Joshua has always taken a vested interest in trying to get Daniel to play with him and I think that has helped quite a bit too but to have both of them come together and want so much for their brother to be a part of their fun is really great.

It is truly amazing what siblings can do for each other.

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