It Never Occured To Me (Autism Separation)

There has been an uproar in the Asperger’s community, one that I really didn’t quite understand. “[1] The diagnosis of Asperger’s has been proposed to be eliminated from the standard diagnostic manual in 2012, replaced by a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder on a severity scale.[9]

So I have been reading, a lot of blogs that have popped up about the subject. To be honest I had no idea it was an issue. After reading several different views, I do see both sides. However, I finally got tired of sifting through the different reasons for both sides, but I did read several blog posts that I thought were very good that I am going to put on here.

It has never occurred to me that Asperger’s would be considered different from the word autism.

We are on the autism spectrum, that means we are all on the same page, right?. The difference is how we are functioning. Though we may think that we are functioning better than other autistic people, we may not be in certain areas. When I have written about low functioning autism, I didn’t think of it as my son is different, I am different, or that we are better than those who are lower functioning, those thoughts never occurred to me to think. When I think of low functioning or when I write about it, I am thinking about a particular situation that I have seen or read about, I do not know that situation, I do not understand what they are going through with certain things. I do in others. I mainly speak from a mothers point of view about my son, not knowing the situation for another parent, I don’t know how they feel all I know is how I feel. If I do not have the same experiences as those parents than there is no way for me to relate. If I think of autism as a good thing in many ways and they think of it as a bad thing, then I cannot relate.

Daniel has been considered low functioning and has progressed in many areas and all I know are those experiences and how I feel.

I am still kind of shocked about all of this, I never saw it coming. I wrote very briefly about the “autistic community” attacking one another, that includes everyone on the spectrum. That was mainly about those who go back and forth about who is autistic and who isn’t. When the blog posts about this situation started popping up I was surprised at the separation and the division. I don’t understand it. It is actually confusing for me.

I have many questions.

Every time I meet a person and they say something about Daniel, I explain to them that he is on the autism spectrum, it is a wide spectrum of differences. I use this to try to educate them about autism, it is not that simple to explain but I try to do my little part in letting them know that there are differences. Not because I want them to think Daniel or myself are better but because they have no clue about autism. They have what I had been given, what the media has shown them, that people with autism are unable to be a part of this world. That they have nothing to offer, they aren’t here, they do not understand or want anything to do with people. Which I feel is false for ALL people on the autism spectrum.

After discussing this with David, he brought up some points I had not considered.

He brought up issues like some of the Asperger’s community may be effected in their work place or getting jobs because of the autism label. Or having issues with health benefits. Not being socially accepted, because the media is now making it more acceptable to be an “Aspie”. All of these things I totally understand. But I feel there has not been enough focus on the various aspects of autism.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to look at autism as a whole and find the similarities that could be the way to find answers to help us communicate better in our own ways.

Maybe if more people on the spectrum were helping to develop early and late interventions we would have our eyes and the worlds eyes opened to all the different ways that we on the spectrum communicate, create, learn, see the world, and actually be able to contribute to this world instead of being labeled and outcast. Why in so many situations does it have to be “we versus them”? The argument will never be won between two autistic people. What is the point of it? Can there be a common ground? Isn’t the real point that the whole autistic community find their place in society? If we are attacking each other, how does that help the cause? We cannot make a difference if we are divided.

I always have a hopeful mind of bringing everyone together in peace.

When I read this first blog I have to say I did not know what they were talking about with the quotes that they had up. It hurt my feelings, and I am high functioning, but I remembered that feeling and it was the feeling of being bullied, made to feel less than another person. I did not like it and I cannot recall saying those things, at least if I said any it was not in this context. If I have said them and hurt anyone, I am truly sorry. I did not mean my words in a way to sound as if I was better or that being high functioning makes you more superior.

I thought these post was an interesting point of view.

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