My Reality

My Reality

A spectrum of colors flowing around,
red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
violet encircle you now.

They don’t stop there,
there’s much more to see,
red-violet, purple-gold,
white-silver threading from me.

Entering in your imagination,
your mind,
opening up your thoughts,
here there is no place, no time.

Circles and swirling,
spheres all around,
in marvelous colors,
you begin to escape the ground.

Lifting higher and higher,
you soar,
all around in my world,
of color and sound.

Smelling a sound,
tasting a touch,
hearing a color,
my world offers so much.

All of the numbers dance around,
I see them alive and breathing,
do you hear their sound?

Lights’ flashing,
like glorious rain,
music has now just,
entered your brain.

Feeling the rhythm,
the chords, the beat,
now filling your body the voice,
oh so sweet.

Tracers are racing,
in a mystical sense,
consuming your body,
take it all in.

This is what’s natural,
this is what’s real,
my world full of color, smell,
sound, taste so intense.

Can you taste the red?
It tastes like flutter.
Can you taste the blue?
Sometimes I shudder.

Can you feel the light entering in?
It brings peace and calm deep within.

Can you hear the black?
The sound is a hush.
Can you feel the green?
It’s an amazing rush.

Covering, a blanket,
that shadows you in,
bringing you happiness,
oh, here comes the number 10!

Laughter fills your belly,
a nice surprise,
the dancing numbers,
bring joy to your eyes.

Marching in rows,
count them 1, 2, 3,
making this spectrum,
of chaos not be.

There is a reason,
a perfect world,
full of numbers,
color, and senses to explore.

Embrace my world,
come with me,
stay a while,
maybe you’ll see.

Your mind is filled,
with visions, pictures come alive,
yellow is more vibrant,
and splashes you inside.

Speckles and drips, of flinging colors,
spreading out from different places,
people and things.
You don’t even notice now,
it is all sane.

A world so fantastic,
amazing and full,
rich with intensity,
but warm and cool.

Shrouded in colors,
too deep to reveal,
you finally understand,
some of what I feel.


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