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AARRGG! I Can’t Help It!

My brain is a mess, a lot to do with weather, lack of sleep, (kids coughing all night long) sensory overload, eating the wrong things trying to make myself feel better, knowing full well that it will make me feel worse, and the list goes on…and the list goes on. (to the tune of “And The Beat Goes On”) Here I am looking for information and resources to give to people about the “autism cure” what have you. I have found very many articles, positive information and articulate blogs that would be very beneficial to enlightening those who believe that autism needs a cure. But I have to remind myself that a large portion of those people do not want to be “enlightened”, so they can add it to their arsenal of “savior complex” missions without any regard or concern for those, who would so much like for them to see them as real people and just be accepted.

With all of the positive also comes all the negative.

I am not even going to comment on the information that I have found. I will say that the “autism cure” roadshow (I am being sarcastic) is extremely offensive, but I have to admit that there are many people with autism who are doing the same kind of actions and even attacking those in their community. It is all very frustrating. Just bring on the peace! I hold the view of acceptance, I feel the main thing we should be focusing on are things like  sensory integration dysfunction, since our sensory issues seem to be the reason we all have such a hard time.

I do question why so many funds are being spent on a “cure” and not resources or building into supportive communities to bring about acceptance and awareness.

I guess the real issue is what is being defined as autism. I know there are a lot of different factors when dealing with the autism spectrum. Those who are dealing with the low functioning autism, having many other developmental issues, I understand wanting to do anything to help their child, me too. Although, Daniel was low functioning at one point in many areas,  he has progressed in various areas, so it is different for our situation. I do not want to be so naive to claim I have all the answers. I only speak for myself and those who don’t want a “cure” or feel as if we are some abnormal part of society. We exist, we have for a long time despite the new found epidemic, the gene pool has been swimming for a number of years. It has not just appeared, and we are not a disease.

I have noticed that in a lot of the videos, websites, and blogs that the people are focusing on the outward things.

The obvious, like they were not talking and now they are, or their physical conditions, low muscle tone, the features of their face changed like no more black circles under their eyes, or they now have color in their skin. As I read all of this and see photos for myself, I notice that they are not talking about how the child is thinking.

Has the way that they process information changed?

Do they still study things or come up with different and unique ideas?

Were they on prescription drugs or are they now?

Has their mind been cured?

Then I have other questions  that pop in my head  about diet.

What kind of food were they eating before?

Were they eating a lot of processed foods?

What about fruits and veggies? (I know that Daniel has had a difficult time with food because of textures and I have had to be very creative in sneaking those things into his food.)

Then I wonder about their previous life.

What kind of activities did they do?

Did they exercise?

Were they watching TV all the time?

Did they play games constantly?

Are the parents or someone now spending more one on one time with the child?

I am just wondering because if they started changing things like that in their life then I would think they would show some sign of progress. If they have a good healthy diet they are going to do better.  So what was their lifestyle like before the parents decided to try these options that they are now claiming to have cured their child? When I see their information they make it seem like they did very little and got a huge amount of improvement. I would like to know all of the information. They usually show photos of the child staring or looking void and then pictures now that have them smiling and acting “normal”.  But lets be honest we all can do that and convince a world to believe something.  It just makes me question the motive.

When people are talking about a cure, are they talking about the outward appearance?

If they look normal, then they are normal? Has the child just found ways to hide their tendencies from their parents so they are accepted? Autistic children know what is going on. They comprehend what is being said about them, so are they trying to make their parents happy? I know that it has been claimed that they are not capable of emotion but I don’t believe that to be true. I just wonder what the children are feeling, do they feel like they had this horrible disease that made their family so upset that now since they are cured they are unable to express themselves in the way that is comfortable to them.What exactly is being cured? That is the question that goes through my mind, maybe someone will answer me.

Anyway I found this blog post and felt that it was very articulate about the autism cure question.


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Chick-A Chick-A Boom Boom

I have had it! I just want to write a post on something that is fun and happy. I have several blog posts that I have written and I just don’t want to publish them yet. They expose some of my thoughts that I am not sure I am ready to share. I want a happy, joyful post that gets me away from all of my seriousness and constant questions. My racing mind and the insane obsession with finding information about any given thing that pops in my head. I just want it to stop for a moment. One way for me to do that is to focus on my kids. This week we have been very lax and have spent our time creating story helps with our books, creating and playing. Well I guess that is school. Hm…

So here are some pictures of our week and some of the things we have created together.

There are some of Ariel’s paintings, our valentines that we created, Lego village that Joshua made, Daniel’s invasion of the kitchen table with all of his possessions that he needs surrounding him, (it is driving me crazy, complete chaos) and then our story adventures. This makes me happy. We all had a lot of fun and looking at these pictures helps to remind me to not be so serious all the time. Just sit back and enjoy life. (click on the images to make them bigger)

Simple is good and I just have to get to the point where I accept that there are some questions,  that just cannot be answered and I cannot allow other people’s ignorance or lack of wanting to understand take hold of my life. I gave this post the title for one very important reason, I really like saying “chick-a chick-a boom boom”, it makes me laugh. The best thing is when the kids and I march around the house reciting this book and make up our own chants as well.

Chick-a Chick-a BOOM BOOM! :-)

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