Daily Archives: January 26, 2010


Slowly, one drop rolling from my eyes.
Feeling the pain from deep inside,
Sitting, longing for a home,
acceptance is not what I have known.

Watch the people pass me by,
they never knew me, didn’t even try.
Lifting body out of reach,
I escaped into silence,
I am sitting on the beach.

Quiet, hush of wind goes by,
roaring waves crash, I sigh.
Alone and peaceful so tranquil,
lifted up, my soul flew there,
starting to laugh very loud, only I know why.

Seas of people invade my space,
still I am lonely, no connection with the human race.
Longing, wanting, needing, a friend,
still no one answers, I’m fading again.

We sit next to each other every week,
still no connection from which you speak.
Dancing lights, whispers sounds,
aching heart, I am still not found.

Tears they fall but are never seen,
sometimes I think this is all a dream.
When I awake, I will be at home,
I found my place, I no longer roam.

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