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Next Act–Sickness

Just when I was preparing to get things back on track, the first week of Jan. was shot. All three kids got sick, they had runny noses, coughs, and were all achy. I am thankful that they didn’t get fevers. When it comes to the kids getting sick I dread it, I know most parents do but for our household it is quite an issue. I am not claiming to have it worse than anyone else, I am mostly talking about my issues, what I am capable of handling. All of our children have sensory issues and there are some things that cause each of them to scream, cry, throw things, and other behaviors that I will not disclose because my kids are really great and I want to focus on that.

However, when all three of them are set off, my sensory issues are not a pretty sight.

The interesting thing here is that David has issues with anything that has the consistency of snot. He is not capable of being too helpful when it comes to snot running down the face or if we are lucky enough to witness the all so wonderful snot bubble turn snot strings flowing ever so gracefully in the wind to hit a child’s hand and be spread everywhere. Not to stop there but cause the child to scream in a panic because the gooey, sticky, nasty mess is touching them and they are shouting “AAAA, get it off! Get it off!” I can totally relate but someone has to clean up the mess and that someone is me because David has run for the hills before he gets sick all over the place.

David handles the other issues that I cannot take such as poop messes that smell up the whole house!

I have major issues with smell and if that smell gets on me I am the one running for the hills. Although I have to say that despite their sensory issues during the sick time they are quite pleasant when they are sick. Daniel seems to improve in certain areas when he is sick, I have read some studies on autistic children when they are running fevers and they seem to improve, in the past this has been the case for Daniel. I must say I do not think it is a good idea to let your child keep a fever so they will talk more or not be hindered by environment though. The kids are all so responsible and make sure they wash their hands and wipe their nose.

They will stop and rest if they feel they have overexerted themselves.

Ariel takes on the mother role and helps me with making sure the boys are doing alright. However, the sick thing is not fun and our children are just not themselves just like any other child. Joshua seems to get a lot louder, he is very sensitive already so when he is sick many things set him off that do not normally. Ariel seems to lose the ability to listen and forgets the “house” rules. I thought she was doing this on purpose before but now I am realizing there really are times when she is completely clueless to what she has done wrong and needs me to explain it. Daniel gets in a manic state and will bounce off the walls. When things get too loud for him he starts banging. Some of his favorite toys are metal shower heads, his gyroscope, and gears all of which are very loud on the tile floor. He will spin them, clang them, drop them, and bang them orĀ  bang the doors all over the house. This gets pretty intense when he is not feeling well.

The big problem is the noises all feel like daggers in my ears and cause me to be unable to focus, be sympathetic at times, I become unable to hear and I shut down.

I feel sometimes that it is just too much and I feel like it will not end. I know it’s not true and those thoughts usually last just moments. I get my stem on, regroup and go back in to my awesome little kids who are in as much pain as I am and just trying to let me know. I am so grateful that our children are not complainers, they don’t let being sick stop them, and they are very good with following the “sick rules” so they can get better quicker. Being sick isn’t all that bad I was just hoping after the holidays we could get back into the swing of things. :-)

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