Photo Fixation

As a child I can remember walking into people’s home and spotting their photo albums. I would scan the home and sometimes even ask where they were, once I found them I would ask to look at them. At my relative’s house I would pull them out and start asking all kinds of questions. I would ask who the people were that I didn’t know, what they were doing that day, how long ago was it, on and on I would ask until finally they would tire of my constant badgering and would say why don’t you put them away.

I learned to keep my mouth shut as I looked at their photos.

I would look at our photo albums at home for hours. I still do this, only now I have all of our photos on my computer and I can go through all the million and one photos I have taken. There have been times when I have sat down to do something and the next thing I know I have pulled up our photos or gone on my Face Book and gone through all of my photo albums online. I then look at the time and realize I have managed to waste a huge amount of time looking at our photos and my friends albums. If I find people I haven’t seen in years and they have their photos open to public I look at them, I can’t help myself.

I am not really looking at them for any purpose other than looking at what they are doing and their facial expressions.

I am pretty positive that I have done this my whole life to try to figure out what faces mean and how to mimic the correct behavior in the correct social situation. I never thought of it before until now, I just thought I was weird. I enjoy seeing people happy and usually people are happy in photos. I enjoy looking at the places they go, the people they know, the houses they used to live in, their homes now and the homes of others.  Now thinking about it I am pretty sure that I was preparing myself if ever the chance came that I would visit the houses of family members or friends of the family.

I say that because I am not looking at the photos to see what people are wearing or if they look good.

I am looking at them out of interest of their surroundings, how they respond to their surroundings, what is in their surroundings, and their faces. What are they smiling about? Why are they making a goofy face? Why are they laughing? Those are some of the questions that pop in my head. I like looking at animal photos too. However, when it comes to animals I look at them not so much their surroundings or what they are doing. Well I guess I am weird and that’s alright. I am ok with it. :-)

I have always taken tons of photos as well.

I am out of control with the camera. When I was little I always wanted to take pictures and I wanted people to take pictures of me. I thought it was so much fun. As I child I loved the Polaroid because we could get it in an instant. I would get very anxious waiting for the other photos to develope and would drive my mom crazy asking when we would get them. She was and is not the best with the camera, she doesn’t like having her picture taken and she forgets to take pictures all the time. I had to take the responsibility for them so we would have some during the holidays or else all the memories would be lost.

Digital cameras have been the greatest thing in the world for me.

I take pictures of everything, the kids, the places we go, things that intrigue me anything and so many other things. I did the same thing all through out my life. Ariel has taken up this taking picture obsession also and I will find some pretty interesting photos on our camera that I had no idea were taken. She also loves to look at photos. Joshua and Daniel are not too into the photos but they love to watch all the home movies I have made. (I make a lot of home movies as well) (My dad was a home movie freak, I have a Super 8 that he made of me and some family members through out some of my childhood.) Daniel and Joshua  will ask me to watch to them, and they will begin to mimic what they are doing on the video. It has actually been quite good for Daniel. He has watched them and has mimicked Ariel and Joshua in real life but in the video he may not be responding to them at all.

I really don’t know the answers to my photo fixation it is just a theory but I do think it helped me and still does and I know that watching home videos has helped Daniel gain confidence in speaking and trying new things.

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